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12 January 2013


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Babak Makkinejad

I wonder if stars are alive?

John Minnerath

Our Sun is a star, a rather mediocre one at that.
All other stars are alive in the fact that they are active nuclear furnaces.
They're divided into a number of different types and vary widely in size and output.

Charles I

They are born, they manifest, they die.


The earth is alive also. I love your pictures, John, very professional.

John Minnerath

Thank you for the very kind compliment.
Yes, the Earth is alive, but it's moving very slowly here today. 21 below this morning and forecasts to -30 or so through Monday.

Maureen Lang

21 below, going down to -30? That arctic blast is working its wonders, isn't it. Stay warm, John, stay safe on the roads (if you must use them).

Incredible solar images once again in your 2nd TA photo post- clicking on the mosaics is breathtaking, equally so enlarging the filaments & prominences.


Wow, that brings back fond memories of my days living and working at the business end of Highway 6563... thanks for that. :-)


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