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10 January 2013


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John Minnerath

Sounds like a plan, I can think of a few other states that can go with them.
Our fine legislators in Cheyenne have a better idea I think.


I think Obama's too canny to follow your track.
I think he'll issue an EO (citing similar EOs by Bush & Clinton on weapons) that's watered-down & (effectively) irrelevant to "law-abiding citizens"... at least the rational ones. Also, leaving secession up to the apolplectic to pursue on their own. & let Congress waste it's own time.


There are still over 12,000,000 unemployed Americans and the President is going to expend all of his political capital on something that will end no violence and generate no jobs - except for new lobbyists? So much for job # 1. At least it will make great cover for the continuation of Wall Street's agenda.


The real alternative is to key off the SCOTUS decisions codifying the 2nd Amend. as an individual right, then simply apply controls (identification, registration, training and other qualification(s)--not restriction on ownership) proportional to the lethality of the weapon(s) owned. It has worked since 1934 with respect to fully automatic weapons, and can be adjusted to any conceivable need or desire to posess firearms of any type.


I hope an agreement can be worked out, such that we all agree to defend the rights of gun owners, and the NRA agrees to stop protecting the gun ownership rights of felons and psychos.


Col, you are mistaken if you think this situation (gun violence) is only, or primarily, or mostly, about the citizens of Northeastern states. You are correct re putting Biden in charge of the matter...or, at least, front and center of the photo op. Of course that is a given on ANY matter Biden deals with. It is a mistake.

It is true the people YOU identify as "liberals" will overplay their hand. But so will NRA types....I was in an old fashion barber shop yesterday, to get a haircut. In Maine. And a few of customers and barbers were talking about "a 'revolt', if 'they' come for 'our' guns".....I asked them if they realized how silly they sounded.....I asked them where they thought they were going to get their diabetes meds, or access to their chiropractors, if a "revolt' broke out. People have gone bat shit crazy...on all sides.

But to you main point, Col? I repeat, I would be overjoyed to form the Union of Northern New England States. Don't think it is likely...but anything that gets me away from Texas, Florida, and Alabama, warms the cockles of my heart.

John Minnerath

"the NRA agrees to stop protecting the gun ownership rights of felons and psychos"

Where do you come up with this stuff?



I didn't expect you to take my secession of the NE comment seriously. It is true that crimes committed with guns are not unique to the NE, but I suppose my attempt at humor was directed at the level of noise coming out of the NE over the whole gun business and the determination shown by people like Bloomberg in their attempt to enforce their idea of what should be on the rest of us.

IMO the gun issue is not a matter of right-left division. It has much more to do with whether or not you trust government. pl


Yes! Perhaps via mods to the NFA?


Alba Etie

Col Lang
Bloomberg should run nationally on the gun issue - instead of preaching from NYC . If New Jersey does secede I hope we can still go fishing at Cape May - even if we would have to take our passport with us ...


The political clout of the NRA is overrated and I suspect that many in the GOP will not want to be seen enabling child killers. Next Tuesday we will see what proposals Mr. Biden and his task force will have arrived at.

If they are modest and reasonable, it is likely that Congress will pass them rather quickly in order to be able to move on to other issues. In addition, Mr. Biden has plenty of legislative experience.

Of course, the hysteria among the more radical gun proponents will increase and will thus further damage their cause.


What gun ownership rights do convicted felons have? Are they automaticly restored at the completion of the punishments determined by the courts upon conviction - like voting rights? Isnt'that why there are background checks in place now - to prevent felons from lawfully purchasing firearms?

Psychos? What's the legal definition for that? DSM V? According to that anyone experieince symptoms of grief more than two weeks after a loss of a loved one is suffering from clinical depression. Is that the definition of 'psycho'?


As opposed to Gov. Cuomo, who totally was not hysterical at all while pretending the Second Amendment was all about deer hunting and not defending against tyranny.


Apparently not trusting the government is not classified as "Oppositional Defiance Disorder" or some such pap. So if you don't trust the government that brought you the boondoogles of PFC Lynch, CPL Tillman, BPA Brian Terry, and the rest then you're the one with the problem.

Wyoming is working to pass a law that nullifies any attempt to ban semi-autos and magazines, so there is that. Hopefully Arizona will follow suit.


"Of course, the hysteria among the more radical gun proponents will increase and will thus further damage their cause."

Gun opponents, by contrast, are balanced and rational...

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