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14 January 2013


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Charles I

Given the structure of Islam, he's a lot freer to impose his will as handily interpreted by whoever than under many other catechisms. Make a neocon weep.


Did the Washington Post ever spill any ink about censorship in the Mubarak era, when major media outlets were basically organs of the state?

If Mursi is engaging in censorship, it really comes as no surprise. It means that the new Egyptian leaders are behaving much as the old ones did. Reverting to well established tradition after a "revolution" is something almost as normal as the sun rising every day.

Plus ca change...



Yes, the previous government controlled the press. Control of the press by an Islamist autocracy is evidently acceptable to you. What happened to your belief in "the revolution?" Are autocrats better for you if they are representative of groups you think acceptable? pl

Abu Sinan

Problem is, such a state is going to go after other religious Muslims as well. The MB and the Salafi are not representitive of the majority of Muslims in Egypt or anywhere else, and these people will become targets as well. The only Islam the MB and the Salafi care about is their version. The most extreme will actually pronounce "takfir" on other religious Muslims for not following their particular understanding of issues and for not accepting and following the right scholars.

They are as intolerant towards other Muslims not of their strip as they are of non Muslims. Intolerance of everything and anything not their own is what they are about.

William R. Cumming

So are the forces of secularism dead in Egypt?

Bababk Makkinejad

No, they are lying low.


Mr. Mursi does not appear to be happy with his fellow Egyptians:


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