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01 January 2013


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ex-PFC Chuck

Off topic, but perhaps of considerable interest to those who hang out here: "Defend government policy or resign, Israel's ambassadors are told" The Independent.

r whitman

Didn't Mark Twain write over a century ago that "America has no native criminal class except Congress"? Has anything changed except that they have gotten dumber?

Charles I

Well yes, but so reliable an idiot that it is still possible to make overnight money on their procrastination.


I was steamed New Year's Eve when about 20 minutes before the countdown they were breaking in with the news that the Senate and the president were verging on a deal(!). They think we are idiots. But I guess many of us are. Happy new year, anyway, to all.

Charles I

and apparently suicidally heartless to boot.

William R. Cumming

Congress no longer accoutable to the voters do to Gerrymandering and lobbying. One destroys the value of elections and the other destroys the value of the elected to represent the people.


Boehner was just re-elected as Speaker over Nancy Pelosi by three votes, with nine GOP Senators voting Pelosi, three no show and one voting present. It was all pre-calculated to deliver a message of discontent with the one on one dealings behind closed doors with the President, in clear violation of the intent of the Constitution re. separation of powers, checks and balances, etc. Boehner at least on the surface got the message, and announced he would go back to the "old ways" of drafting and passing legislation and conferring with the Senate then sending it to the President to sign or veto. What a revalation!

William R. Cumming

Harper! No US Senators, Republican or Democratic, voted for Pelosi for Speaker of the House.

And the real fiscal cliff is now the Ides of March.

William R. Cumming

The key to the sequester will be which members of Congress end up on which committees, appropriations in particular.

If the authorization committees power is moot now, it will be terminated if the sequester goes through.

And knowing their powerlessness the authorizing committee staffs have become very lazy. They shy from detailed technical work and oversight roles.

And of course the Appropriations Committees don't really do much oversight but listen to their contractors and grant recipients and try and dictate winners and losers. They need campaign contributions and pork may generate votes but not contributions. Look for assignment to Apprps to determine real power in Congress, in particular the House! Paul Ryan will be heard from again! The man who never was will be IMO! One of less than two dozen Members of Congress that really understand the budget and can slice and dice with great skill!

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