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01 December 2012


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Charles I

Thank you my friend, this is why we come here. Good luck to them getting up and running on their own again. Do they escape DHS now and answer only to DIA?


charles I

You don't understand how this works. You recruit friendly intermediaries and they, perhaps at the end of a chain, recruit the ones you really want. Perhaps you start with Canadians. pl


Charles I

"Do they escape DHS now" did you mean CIA rather than DHS? if that is the case then this is another step in that process. pl

The Twisted Genius

Charles I,

"And will intelligence be contracted out, or have to compete/deal with contractors?"

No. DIA does not do that and I doubt it ever will. I can't speak for the CIA. The more I read about this, the more I'm convinced that this new organization is nothing new... a return to normalcy as I said earlier. Rather than risk a faux pas on my part, here's a couple of articles that touch on the subject of cover. They're CIA centric, but the ideas are universal.




haha...Ok, the jokes over. I want my constitution back.

Alba Etie

I believe that the Sheik bin Laden was at war with us -and IMO he needed killing and then burial at sea.
IMO we should have had Congress declare War officially on al Qaida -and all of its affliates.
If we had declared war I believe it follows then that the drone killing of al AlaWaki -and others - would have been a much less controversial use of lethal force-as then he would have been consider a traitor by the book yes? The GWOT or Long War moreover IMO was never officially declared - therefore we get into these murky water of extrajudicial killings and illegal occupations -such as Irak .

Charles I

yeah we'll be popular after the U.N. vote!

Charles I

I had the impression (probably utterly made up) that military intelligence had become as politically subject to tasking, product refinement, opportunists and the new DHS empire as the rest. Including the CIA, newly tasked with more kinetic ops itself in the GWOT.


Must object to "Hardly anyone believed that Iraq was connected to terrorism". Cheney & Co sold the Big Lie - "Saddam Hussein = Al Qaida" - and millions of Americans bought it.

I might agree that "Hardly anyone WHO PAID ATTENTION OR KNEW EVEN A TINY BIT OF ANYTHING ABOUT ISLAM OR THE MIDDLE EAST REALLY believed that Iraq was connected to terrorism"


I'm confused by:

"...renamed Defense HUMINT when Department of Homeleland Security came into being as a ministry and now it will be the Defense Clandestine Service. "

Was Defense HUMINT tranfered to DHS? or just renamed at the same time (coincidently?) that the DHS monster was born, while remaining under DOD control?

I sure hope it's the latter. I don't trust DHS AT ALL. It's a bloated Sacred Cow, and worse. I suspect that anything DHS learns gets to Mossad quickly. Plus, TSA pawns ("vaps") the knives it steals from us.



The "Defense HUMINT Service" was renamed "Defense HUMINT" to avoid confusion with the Department of Homeland Security since the initial would have been the same. Defense HUMINT was always in DIA, Now Defense HUMINT is to be called the "Defense Clandestine Service." pl


Thx, and very glad to hear it. Name Change to avoid Acronymal Duplication (NCTAAD?) is OK with me.

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