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23 December 2012


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That warmed my heart in a week when it has been cold. Thank You.


I bet you made that little girls day, too.

The Twisted Genius

One day last Summer, my wife and I spotted Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus eating lunch in a local Italian eatery. As the couple walked in, my wife noted that the portly white haired and bearded gent in a red and white Hawaiian shirt looked like the jolly old elf. We also thought the gent's wife with her white hair and smiling face was the perfect Mrs. Claus. We weren't the only ones to take notice. A little girl at a neighboring table kept staring at the couple with a look of wonderment on her face. The old gent motioned for her to come over. They talked for a while and then he let out the most perfect ho, ho, ho. My wife an I simultaneously exclaimed, "It is Santa!" The entire restaurant lit up with child like joy. Later as we left, we saw the cherry red pickup in the parking lot.

Basilisk, I wish you many more such small victories.


Many more small victories, for you and for us all . . . Merry Christmas.


Off topic, just had a beer with a Marine who was in La Tho Bac 3 in 65/66. We couldn't find it on the map, but he remembers leaving Da Nang and walking west or west southwest. Anyone have coordinates for that village? Merry Christmas.

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