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07 December 2012


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Charles I

From a lawyer claimed to have "defected" from the MB:

Little is known about the inner workings of the Muslim Brotherhood, though that is now changing. More and more members are leaving the organization, and they are taking their criticism public. They include young members who reject the Brotherhood's hierarchical structures as well as older supporters like Tharwat al-Gharbawi, a well-known attorney, who says that the Brotherhood's authoritarian ideology always becomes more prevalent when the organization comes under pressure. According to al-Gharbawi, there are even training camps where the organization trains members in hand-to-hand combat, an allegation the Muslim Brotherhood denies.

Crumbling Support

"As long as the guidance office of the Brotherhood is dominated by hardliners, a compromise isn't to be expected," says Gharbawi.



FB Ali, many thanks for these insightful remarks. Clifford Kiracofe, sorry not to be of more help here, but I will try and put together a better analysis of the MB in the near future.

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