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06 December 2012


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Yes. Parallels to the pattern of the Iraq War aside from the WMD propaganda are the heavy news management in the media to support the war and the mass mobilization of the Fundamentalists, Israel Lobby, newsmedia/radio and so on.

Look at John Hagee's Christians United for Israel website over the past few days, for example, moving the Syria WMD theme:

And the pro-Israel operators:

Three quarters of Congress voted for the Iraq War and the pro-Israel Lobby can count on even more Congressional support this time, IMO.

Mobilization of the airwaves was another element in the Iraq War propaganda campaign, particularly the Clear Channel network. I'd expect an uptick from Rush Limbaugh and the others of that ilk.

It does not seem possible to me to contain the war just to Syria in some neat and tidy fashion. War with Iran would seem possible in an escalating situation. Then, what about the Russian in particular and Chinese reaction?

Also, regional war offers the opportunity for Israel to mass expel Palestinians in an ethnic cleansing/"transfer" final solution type move. For a long time, propaganda has been that "Jordan is Palestine". Thus, topple the Jordanian monarchy and shove the Palestinians from Israel and WB into Jordan???

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