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19 December 2012


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Edward Amame

...when an American stays away from New York too long something happens to him. Perhaps he becomes a little provincial, a little dead and afraid. -Sherwood Anderson


DNA data will have the same explanatory power as brain slices (and phrenology) did in days of yore (and yorer).

Clifford Kiracofe

Tyler said on another thread,

"Ten urban youths were killed in Chicago the day of Sandy Hook, apparently during a crack deal gone bad."

Yes, day in and day out youth violence/gang violence across the entire country in which young people are killed. Latino communities terrorized by gangs, African-American communities terrorized by gangs but they are not white, so (irony alert) who cares? Deranged rich white kids in Connecticut or Colorado or wherever commit mass murder and the gun control hysteria flashes.

Take a look at the FBI web page on gang violence and explore it:

On the video violence issue, already Sen. Rockefeller is getting criticized for his bill requesting the National Science Foundation to conduct a thorough scientific study on media violence/video violence and crime. This is a debated subject with academics on both sides of the issue. Many studies are over a decade old, there are methodological issues, there are politically correct issues, and so on. It is certainly time for a serious major national study. Sen. Rockefeller is right, this needs a major scientific investigation.

Note the UN report on Violence Against Children in North America section on "Media Violence":


Amen. And a strong second on the UK taking Piers Morgan back. As soon as possible.


I bought the only firearm I own second hand. There were no taxes levied. Check your home owners policy, there are plenty of companies that exclude coverage for fire arms; equally some moving companies who won't move them. Those however are actions of private companies not the government. The constitution expressly restricts the authority of the government to infringe the right to keep and bear arms. An insurance requirement is just that - a legal requirement the government has no authority to impose.

Edward Amame

An argument could be made that the damage caused by guns could gives the government a compelling interest to require liability gun insurance. Meaning that this infringement of individual second amendment rights is necessary because it's in the greater overall interest. It could it be deemed constitutional. There’s a precedent, too. The NRA already offers liability insurance to its members.


Are you implying the offer of insurance by an organization that is not a part of the US government is precedent for a legal obligation imposed by the government? Maybe congress will have better luck passing it than they did the requirement to have health insurance.


I'm sure he has done good in town, but whenever I hear him speak he reminds me of a Roman Senator whipping up the common folk for his own ends.

Also presented w/o comment, Moore's house:



Driving is covered by Privileges and Immunities Clause of the United States Constitution.


I feel sorry for this guy but it could have turned out badly if these kids hadn't acted responsibly. This man's handgun dropped out of his holster while watching "The Hobbit," something he didn't notice until later after he had gotten home. Two seventh graders on a field trip to see the movie discovered the gun on the seat, told their teacher and police got involved. The 61 year-old man who lost the gun has a concealed carry permit and is being charged with reckless endangerment.



You don't have to license or insure a car if you don't drive it on public roads. Ronald Reagan had an old jeep he drove around the ranch and never licensed.


Thanks all the same but we'd much prefer if you kept our rubbish. You're even threatening us with Anna "Nuclear" Wintour as your ambassador!


New York is the epitome of the very large city. As such the population is abrupt, pushy and impolite. But my suspicion is far less than the size of the city would normally dictate.

Piers Morgan is a disgusting creature, who distinguished himself in the field of tabloid journalism, specialising in celebrity gossip for Murdoch's rags. Im glad he is not in the UK anymore so that my family is no longer exposed to his inane filth. If he wasnt such a a faithful "cup-bearer" for his master, the criminal Murdoch, he would currently be cleaning out toilets in a prison somewhere. At least in this country there is a chance that his mischief will eventually get him arrested.

Please remember, the Brits you see over here are not the best and brightest that the UK offers but generally those most skilled in the art of self promotion and self-dealing.

And I beg of you to do something about Simon Cowell. His trade is the exploitation of the stupid and the generation of entertainment pollution.


Oh god yes.

You have no idea how confused and shocked a New Yorker will look after you respond to some casual rudeness with an offer to dump their rude ass on the sidewalk and beat some manners into them.

You cannot be this rude in London without meeting a very substantial risk of beating. Hence the greater degree of politeness.



Please take martin bashir back as well. pl

Edward Amame

Fortunately RR never hit anybody on his ranch in his unlicensed jeep. The insurance would only come into play in the event that a gun owner's weapon, because of owner negligence, is USED in an accident, the commission of a crime, etc.

Al Spafford

When you buy a gun from a retailer in a state that has a sales tax, tax is applied-- "...a legal requirement the government has...authority to impose". Also, the Govt HAS been allowed to "infringe" on gun rights--you have to be registered to own a "Tommy gun", cannot possess a silencer, barrel length on a rifle/shotgun, etc.

Edward Amame

Not legal precedent, just an acknowledgement that liability insurance for guns already exists, and via the largest gun group in the USA. And yes indeed, even if this proposal were to pass constitutional muster, good luck to congress trying to pass it. But I hope they try to do pass something that regulates the kinds of weapons that can mow down 26 people in less than 2 minutes.


Edward Amame

Which guns would those be? Do you actually know what you are talking about? I doubt it. pl


Al Spafford

A federal license to buy and own a "silencer" will cost you $ 200. A similar licensing fee will be charged to you by BATF for a "Tommy Gun" as you call it. pl


Perhaps my english was unclear - "second hand" as in not a retailer nor a business required to collect taxes imposed by a state or government of any kind, i.e. private transaction.

You did not respond to my statement about insurance, which is too bad as I was going to point out that the ASPC offers pet insurance and ask when 'we the people' will be concerned enough to require all pet owners to cover their pets, or be 'responsible' enough to ensure they don't kill anyone, like these two:



Edward Amame

I'm not a gun owner but I do know the issue is complicated. That a gun's lethality also has to do with length of barrel and caliber or type of bullet used in addition to things like featuring holding 30-round magazines.


Edward Amame

I hate to say it, but I could have killed everyone in that building with a .22 target pistol and a dozen ten round magazines. "It is the hard heart that kills" not a particular piece of equipment. pl

The Twisted Genius

"It is the hard heart that kills" not a particular piece of equipment.

That is the absolute truth. Before Newtown the worst mass murder in Connecticut was in Prospect in 1977 when the murderer killed nine with a tire iron.

Medicine Man

I take your point, Colonel, but you're not some crazy 20-year old with an axe to grind. Could that young man have been as effective a mass murderer with a .22 target pistol?

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