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15 December 2012


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Bababk Makkinejad

How would you know if this murdere's mental health state was not caused or conditioned by cannabis, crack, LSD, Ecstacy, meta-amphetamines?

From personal experience, I would guess that this man's social millieu was one totally peneterated by cannabis and other such drugs.

Bababk Makkinejad

You must, in my opinion, carry a robust and stern program of de-toxification across the entire North America.

Anything less and there would be more drug-induced criminality that would cause more deaths as well as destory the foundations of Liberty.

Charles I

The prohibition causes more carnage, and more constriction of freedom and security of the person than the consumption, whackos and all, ever did.

Its called harm reduction.

Charles I

Again, prohibition has resulted in exponentially more deaths, exponentially more moral corruption and social derangement than both overdoses and serial killers combined.

There's just not enough human misery to care or notice until you monetize it and then demonize it

What exactly is your background in mental illness, drugs, murder and demons?

Charles I

"From personal experience I would GUESS"

This is your social milieu, so you're personally acquainted with addcited psychotic serial killers now, are you?

I guess.

Charles I

What if, now you're talkin Cheyney talk

Charles I

I have a right not to have the likes of you ascribe murderous intent to me on the basis of generalized ignorant prejudices, and I have a right to fight the proscription of my liberty on those bases.

Charles I

I know, from personal experience, that tens of millions of Americans are habitual drug users and do not comprehend, any longer, that they have, in fact, become fiends.

This statement itself is so absurd as to call your reason into question.

If I personally ever experience millions of fiends again, I have a little card in my wallet, say take me to emerg, call my Dr.

Charles I

My argument, however, is that if even a small percentage of drug male drug users are subject to psychotic behavior which leads to the death of so many; then it is best to have very stern and very robust laws and penalties against drug usage, distribution, and trade.

And cite some of this while you're at it please: drug crazed killer victims as opposed to victims of Prohibition and the inevitable criminalization, including the millions of families disrupted for getting high on a free weed.

The death o so many is not from the drugs. Give me data of be a Calvinist because you have no facts to counterbalance the millions destroyed by the WAR on human nature.

Sorta like religion, another part of human nature. Fear.

Charles I

50 incidents over decades, a couple hundred deaths.

3600 people kill themselves annually in Canada, pop 37m +/-.

Gimme the million of fiends you're on about .

Bababk Makkinejad

Says who, Charles I?

There are historical examples of countries such as you describe such as China which had to liberalize importation of opium under the gun of the British Empire.

Ask Chinese what that did to their society.

If you like such freedoms, I suggest taking a part of Canada and call it Freedonia where all drugs are legal.

Hopefully, the dopeheads from the rest of the world can go there and live their miserable lives there; where the judges, the policemen, the dentists, the nurses, the doctors, the truck drivers, the firemen, the teachers, etc. are all drug users.

A dope-head Nirvana.

Bababk Makkinejad

Mere rhetoric.

Bababk Makkinejad


I share with you my personal disgust in the way the parents of the murdered children were treated by having the bodies of the children taken away by the state.

State had no right to take the bodies away and deny access to the parents.

And what the hell were these heavily armed men doing showing up after the fact?

Does clean-up require SWAT teams?

Bababk Makkinejad

Demons: interesting question - while I do not personally believe in their existence, I accept the reality of the phenomenon of posession.

Mental Health: I rely on the published papers, dating to seventies, on the effect of cannabis etc. on mental stability of males.

All over the world, it is men who go on shooting rampages, mass-killings, etc.

The number of female prisoners in US is roughly 120,000 - clearly women are more mentally stable than men.

Medicine Man

I'm sure there will be a mea culpa if it turns out the young man was just nuts without the aid of modern chemistry.

No, probably not. He has personal experience that shows him tens of millions Americans have become fiends.

Clifford Kiracofe

From a piece in HuffPost on the issue of mental illness:

"With state-run treatment centers and hospitals shuttered, prison is now the last resort for the mentally ill -- Rikers Island, the LA County Jail and Cook County Jail in Illinois housed the nation’s largest treatment centers in 2011.
agree that something must be done. It’s time for a meaningful, nation-wide conversation about mental health. That’s the only way our nation can ever truly heal."

The Brit press seems more on top of the violent video game angle than the US press:

"THE loner responsible for the sickening massacre was mentally ill, aggressive and had an unhealthy obsession for violent computer games, it emerged last night."

US press avoiding the issue to please the entertainment industry of which it is increasingly a part?

Charles I

No Babak, a data Call

Medicine Man

Incorrect. Women are just less likely to commit acts of physical violence when they are mentally unstable.

Nancy K

I'm not so sure I agree with you on this. I have over 35 years of experience as a psychiatric nurse and then public health nurse. Much of my work was with adolescents. I feel the main problem is mental health issues vs drug use. Some drugs make it's user docile or introspective. I have seen meth users become violent, I worked the night shift at a county mental health unit, they did not have the inclination to plan and carry out a mass murder. I cannot see crack or esctacy causing this behavior and cannabis defintly not.
I think it is more likely these a personality disorders, intense anger and the availability of guns that are causing these horrendous mass murders.


"Does clean-up require SWAT teams?"

Too little, too late....

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