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02 December 2012


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Jim Ticehurst

I was with my German wife in 1983 in a remote area of Washington State where Bigfoot has been seen by Deputys on Patrol...whenn she saw one out her car window as we passed by...She saw iths Immensise Size, Height,Body Mass, Fur color, Bulging Thigh Muscles and Facial Details..The face skin is Grey but Facial feautures so Humenoid, She said You dont think "Ape"...A noted Scientist, Dr.Meldrum sent us a 16" foot Cast (Unique) from the same are, samr time frame..


Jim T.

Thanks. pat


Many hominid species have gone extinct; why couldn't one smart enough to avoid human contact survive? I think it would be great if Bigfoot is real and hope we never capture or kill one.

When I moved into my present neighborhood in Portland in '94, there was a Bookfoot Bookstore. It was rundown and the owner was looking for a buyer of the bookstore so he could concentrate on his Bigfoot quest. He had a small Bigfoot museum in the basement that contained a few strands of Bigfoot hair, which looked like they could have been taken from my Chocolate Lab, a plaster cast of a really big foot and some Bigfoot photographs. He said he made more money from his Bigfoot website than his bookstore, which he sold before he disappeared into the wilds of the great Northwest forests--as far as I know. Maybe he's living with a female Bigfoot like in Robert Crumb's Whiteman Meets Bigfoot comic strip..

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