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20 December 2012


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Patrick D

The death of such people is a loss for the whole region.

Jack Connor

He was a man I was fortunate enough to know and one I really admired. My fondest memory was how he prefaced most of his commentary - usually after hearing many analysts speak their mind - with "now look!" and then offering his own assessment. He was a very wise man and you're right, it is truly a loss.


Jack Connor

One remembers people for foolish things. I remember that he liked "Big Macs" eaten in honor of a fallen comrade who sought them when in the States. pl


Thank you. It seems that Lipkin-Shahak was "one of nature's noblemen" to the end:

"....just want to mention my last conversation with Lipkin-Shahak. I called him at the hospital after Operation Pillar of Defense to ask him what he thought of the manner on which the operation was conducted and what it achieved. Amnon apologized for his hoarse voice and for the fact that it was difficult for him to speak. "The operation was conducted fairly well and the result is reasonable. But that's not the point. The point is that we must reach an agreement with the Palestinians. Without it, we will have to launch these operations again and again with similar results; and our leaders must also finally understand that in order to reach an agreement with the Palestinians we must talk and close the deal with those who are willing to talk to us and reach an agreement with us. I am referring to Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas). If, god forbid, he will leave, then we will be done for and left with their crazies and our crazies. They will finish us."

Would that those in the leadership of Israel's security services take heed of this warrior's hard-earned wisdom and take heart if & when they are called to deal with their own "crazies". It's they who are the existential threat to Israel.

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