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12 November 2012


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Former 11B, Did you notice any signs fracking polluted wells or ground water--local complaints or flaming water at the hotel? Could you feel the ground crumbling under your feet? Would you lease your land to a gas company?

Fromer 11B

Texas is not like that. The laterals are at 8000+ feet. There is no effect at the surface and it is scrubland anyway. And the ground water is always cased off


Thank you for your answer.


"a people who have done so little with so much"

In a way, the other descendants of Abraham have at least contributed [much] more in spite of being persecuted in Europe all those centuries.

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Thanks for the posting...The two traditional methods of Oil Recovery are Primary Oil Recovery which is limited to hydrocarbons that naturally increase to the surface, or those that use artificial lift strategy, such as pump jacks. Whereas, the Secondary Oil Recovery employs water and gas injection, dislocating the oil and driving it to the surface. But these two methods are not able to extract maximum oil from the fields. As much as 75% of the oil is left unrecovered in the ground. As a solution to this Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) or Tertiary recovery techniques can be used for increasing the amount of crude oil that can be extracted from an oil field.

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Oh golly oh gosh, Administrations have been saying this since Eisenhower. Well, one more reason to continue this Fed funny money rally.

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