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09 November 2012


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Neil Richardson


"...but the general lack of combat experience (with some exceptions) of this generation if generals is I think unique over the past 100 years. At least the generals in Vietnam typically had serious combats experience in WWII and Korea."

That is true. I'm uncertain of the impact though as I suspect it might be a case by case matter. Ike, Bradley, Joseph Collins, Ridgway, and Gerow never saw combat until they'd assumed divisional command (and in the case of Ike, Gerow and Bradley army and corps). And Raymond McLain was a Guardsman who became a protege of Patton in Sicily. All the generals above except Ike had demonstrated excellence as corps commanders. Interestingly though, some of the generals with extensive combat experience during WWII did not perform well in Korea during the first ten months. Hap Gay certain saw enough as he was with Patton throughout WWII. Yet he wasn't particularly impressive as the CG of the First Cav. Same with MG William F. Dean although he was in near impossible situation in Taejon. As for these senior generals who performed very well in the ETO in WWII, it speaks to the wisdom of Gen. Marshall as many were in his black book.




Apropos "the bitch be crazy" point, all the more reason for Petraeus to have kept his pants on. It amazes me that he could have felt there was any way this could have been "safe sex." What an ass.



The chance that the CIA was using this little base in Benghazi to hire, train and equip Libyan jihadis to fight in Syria is miniscule, but if there is any chance that it is true Petraeus should be subpoenad and required to testify under oath on the matter before the SSCI and HPSCI. That will leak and then we will all know the truth. In any event, why would you think that the acting DCIA will not tell the truth before Congress? pl



you can be sure that the media are hard at work to figure out 1- who the paramour was threatening and 2- if there were others like her. neither of these things should take long. pl

ex-PFC Chuck

Pertinent to several of the comments above regarding the quality of present-day generalship (or lack thereof), I just stumbled on the fact that a biography of Gen. Fox Connor has recently been published. Connor, as most regulars here probably know, was a mentor to both George Marshall and Dwight Eisenhower, and in the 1930s was on the short list for consideration as Chief of Staff.


Cheating on his wife didnt get him fired. Indeed even getting caught cheating on his wife didnt get him fired. Thats merely the excuse. I dont know quite what got him fired but maybe briefing against the President? Perhaps furthering policies which were antithetical to the stated policies of the WH?

Plenty of scumbags get to keep their jobs. That aint what got him.



Well, that's profound. Got any evidence of anything? pl

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