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10 November 2012


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Clifford Kiracofe

"...I’m also a military reservist with a top secret/SCI clearance and then some..."

"...she said, according to a video of the Denver event posted online and first reported by the Israeli media outlet Arutz Sheva."



I can only imagine Alan Farrell's review.


Harper, I saw a movie yesterday, a serial thriller without checking it German - Danish, maybe German - Swedish, I have no clue, cooperation ... Mind you, I didn't see the start, I somehow stumbled into it.

Part of the plot was that a serial US killer had "survived" as citizen and a firm's security chief in whatever Northern country, escaping US FBI agents trying to catch him. Never quite able to live up the exquisite work of the team that solved the case in a very short time, of course, never mind the exquisit cooperation he provided. After all he wouldn't have notice without the alert local. I leave out all the subplots, but ultimately he murdered a nice Northern guy who actually wanted to get a group of Iraqis that had been tortured by Americans to the US as core witnesses of American war crimes. Since the able police crew were able to arrest him, the substitute was ultimately a press conference with Amnesty International on home ground, with the help of a local human rights group. The FBI agent learned in the process that his dead somewhere in the desert, I didn't watch that part,if it was part of the movie, which he witnessed was actually a staged CIA plot. They secretly hired him to torture people to make them speak, imagine on European ground. Cia hidden behind whatever security firm. And the FBI agent left after he received a careful kiss on the lips by his European female alter ego, of course helping a lot to solve the case, but still not the ultimate hero.

Ever since I witnessed the paranoia and absolutely crude world view of an American deeply involved with the CIA and drugs on yahoo, and their evil ways, also witnessed that you are ultimately suspicious even as a foreigner and that an innocent private challenge concerning his positions may lead to your complete address block published on his blog as whatever kind of evidence, I am pondering the statement by a friend. Movies ultimately are the best tools to change people's minds. And yes, fiction, maybe to the extend people still read today.

John Minnerath

Evidently as the Vir Triumphalis riding his chariot through the avenues of DC to the temples on K Street he failed to heed the warnings whispered in his ear.


he was wearing his body out leaving little resource for the woman trying to "educate" him. probably the reason the Civil War dragged out so long was the generals were USMA. if the confeds had more VMI grads, they might have won :)



It was always a long shot and the numbers mattered in the end. There were 900 VMI alumni by the end of the WBS. Over 90% served. Half died. :( pl


hmm? The first that comes to mind with this "d--k" is that one single item/event sticks out on my mind, where you may have approved of something he said, paradoxically.

But of course I am also highly aware, that may be much too easy. I am obviously somebody that shouldn't stick out her head here at all. After all I have not the least knowledge of all the military details and names floating by, what will ever stick. Which means it would be the legendary needle in a haystack.

Will shut up again.



I thought his willingness to accept the reality of "The Awakening" was praiseworthy. pl


Kelley is a an "unpaid" liaison to the military? That sounds odd but perhaps it's not unusual? Given her appearance in photographs she wouldn't be my first choice for anything even remotely serious but perhaps I am putting too much emphasis on appearance.

If Kelley is a "friend" of Gen. Petraeus, I'd think she would at least be suspicious that her so called threatening emails were from his girlfriend. I can't help but wonder why she called the FBI rather than Petraeus. I can't help it, I find the call to the FBI a bit suspicious.

Nor do I understand why the FBI person who shared information with Eric Cantor is called a "whistleblower." That sounds to me more like a breach of confidentiality and security. Petraeus was under investigation but that fact had not been shared with the Intelligence Committee but Eric Cantor seemed to be the person to chat with?

Speaking as just a regular person with no acquaintance with politics, the halls of power, or anything else important, it sounds to me like Petraeus was bushwhacked.



OCB-2? pl

Allen Thomson

The latest on this this that Mrs. Kelly is from a Lebanese Maronite family that emigrated to Philadelphia in the '70s.


I really should have developed my fiction-writing skills more than I did.

The beaver

Timeline according to WSJ:
Top officials signed off on the interviews, which occurred in late September and October, just before the U.S. presidential election. During Ms. Broadwell's first interview in September, she admitted to the affair and turned over her computer, the officials said.

On her computer, investigators found classified documents, the U.S. officials said, a discovery that raised new concerns.

At Mr. Petraeus's interview in the week before the election, he also admitted the affair and said he hadn't provided the classified documents to Ms. Broadwell. Agents conducted a second interview with Ms. Broadwell on Nov. 2. She also said Mr. Petraeus wasn't the source of the documents.

That information helped resolve concerns that there was a national-security breach, although the source of the documents hadn't been determined. The officials offered no specifics about what was in the documents.



Today's NYT piece on P indicates that Jill Kelly complained about the threatening emails to a personal friend who is an FBI agent. He pressed an investigation - which as noted before would have been unlikely to have occurred if someone just walks into their local FBI office with such a complaint. This agent was also the person who contacted Kantor's office because he (was out of the loop) and thought the investigation had stalled somewhere.

Also there was one fence to the UCMJ, but it was not well developed.

 Larry Kart

As Holly Petareus, Shirley Knight



It's still strange for the FBI to act with such apparent alacrity and vigor over a handful of harassing e-mails, even if Kelly has a post at State and even if the agent was a friend of hers.

Even more interesting that the agent leaked to Cantor, who isn't on the intelligence committee.


This bitch respectfully requests that posters please stop throwing the word around. The humor may be lost on some readers. Many thanks in advance.

Laura Wilson

Frankly, if he started the affair after he became CIA Director--that is WORSE! Hello, what part of CIA did he miss, the part about intelligence?



If you are not a "bitch" then you ahould not object to those who are being called that. Adios. pl




"I said earlier that I thought Petraeus began this affair with OCB-1 (Broadwell)AFTER he bacame DCIA."

Pity. How romantic it would be had those fainting spells of his been caused by the practise of all-ins within the broad well. A pity too she didn't do that diaper wearing road rage lover routine. It fits her style, somehow.

Clifford Kiracofe

Paula Krantz's high school notes:

"...Graduate level scholarships in Arabic and Middle East studies led her abroad to Jordan and Israel where she also spoke at various conferences in the Persian Gulf, as well as Europe... "





I mean no offense but I cannot accept political correctness. pl


Interesting link:
" Gen. David Petraeus absorbed his first Gasparilla under a white tent on Jill and Scott Kelley's front lawn," the newspaper wrote. "The CentCom commander and his wife, Holly, arrived with a 28-cop motorcycle escort."

"In a 2007 report, the Tampa Bay Times referred to the Kelley's "regal brick mansion," where they have lived since 2004."

Great, a socialite married to a surgeon who just happens to host 'social' events where most of the new commander of Central Command attends?

She and her husband have been living the multi-million dollar lifestyle since she was in her late 20's? I know our medical system is out of whack and he may be wealthy now but where'd they get the money to buy a multi-million dollar home when her husband had only been in practice a few years (2004)?

Here's another interesting web tidbit, seems OCB 2 is in debt to her eyeballs:


Hopefully CID or whatever they call it now is working some overtime. How long had someone been planning on penetrating Central Command? Or did is this really just OCB 1 vs OCB 2 + one giant ego?


"His feet of clay were always hidden in plain sight."

There may be a super ego at work here, but on another level I detect an almost pathetic insecurity. I read that following his departure from the military Petraeus was observed at one social event wearing a row (or rows?) of miniature military ribbons on his civilian jacket!! I've never seen anything like that other than in Germany in the 1960s, where I saw the occasional Wehrmacht veteran with miniature medals on his jacket.

Seriously, is the man's identity so tied up with ribbons and military regalia that he must wear them on civilian clothes?

There is one other thing I have read about the affair and attire that I find creepy: apparently Mrs. Broadwell functioned not just as a mistress and companion to the general, but also as a wardrobe advisor once he became a civilian. She reportedly picked the suits and other "civvies" he would be wearing as CIA director.

Margaret Steinfels

And interesting that Cantor and/or his staff person didn't go to the press with it before the election, or am I missing something here.

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