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10 November 2012


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Allen Thomson

> And what is meant by Petraeus' "personal e-mail account"? Is that one he has at the CIA or in a government department? Or does "personal" mean an e-mail account unconnected to the government at a private Internet service provider?

What I've seen says it was a personal gmail account. The CIA has, or at least used to have, an unclassified email server (@ucia.gov) for communicating with the outside world, but it's no more approved for classified stuff than gmail. And I'd be *really* surprised if General P. communicated with his paramour as davep@ucia.gov, as that system, unclassified though it be, is certainly monitored and its transactions recorded.

Allen Thomson

Yes, the polygraph is, at best, a stress detector. Whether the subject feels stress when lying (or not) is a function of the subject's psychology and the skill of the operator in inducing appropriate and relevant stress.

I never had much trouble with it, but, as you've doubtlessly heard, there are perfectly innocent people with hyper-active consciences who go through polygraph hell.

FB Ali

I would agree with your assessment of Chalabi as out primarily for himself. He probably had contacts with the Iranians, and they may well have assisted him where needed. He obviously didn't need much because the neocons etc were falling over each other to believe in his pap.


This all sounds like the script of a Hollywood thriller from the 1940s. Grade B - with Ronald Reagan in the leading (male)role.

I used to think that I knew something of Washington life -about which I never was naive. The bizarre behavior of these people, though, provides further evidence that there is a madness abroad in the land. What I find bizarre is not the sex per se; it's the immaturity. One, don't these people spend ANY time doing their not unimportant job? Are they incapable of having a grown-up affair - a la FDR? Are they so insecure that they must show off that they can conduct an interview while running 6 miles at a 6mph pace? Is 6 some kind of magic number with wider application? Does their self worth depend entirely on obtaining celebrity publicity a la Boyence or Justin Beiber?"I'm on the media circuit, therefore I am." Does a sense of prowess depend on having a roll in the organic arugalla with somewhere bedecked in medals OR the superwoman of West Point reserve officers?

Finally, should the widespread dearth of maturity, practical intelligence and sense of integrity at high levels offer another reason giving us pause as to our continuing project to shape the affairs of the world according to our own lights?


And no one in the IT section would track servers linking to Gmail? How'd Surely somebody watches that from within the organization? Is he really that stupid?


Further casting suggestions:

The Major: Hedy Lamar

The Third Woman: Maureen O'Sullivan (Based only on anme)

Mueller of FBI: Joseph Cotton

Ida Lupino lurking somewhere in the background

I don't have the heart even to imagine someone playing poor Mrs. Petraeus

The Twisted Genius

From what I gather from the various accounts, Broadwell sent the threatening email to Kelly from an anonymous account that was traced back to Broadwell by the FBI. Broadwell probably used her own computer to send the anonymous email so tracking it back to her would have been easy. Lascivious emails from a Petraeus gmail address were on Broadwell's computer. The J. Edgar Hoovers, sensing cyber espionage, potential CI vulnerability or just intrigued by tales of hot sex, widened the investigation to Petraeus. If the lascivious emails were from some dude other than Petraeus, the investigation would have ended with Broadwell. I'd be surprised to learn that there is anything more sinister than a CIA Director who can't resist temptation, a serious lack of cyber tradecraft skills and, of course, one crazy bitch.

The Twisted Genius

That only applies to using a gmail account from within the CIA unclassified system (ucia.gov). If he did that, he truly is stupid. Of course, I knew idiots that used their home computers to communicate with their paramours thinking that their wives didn't know anybody with IT skills. They deserved what happened to them.



A woman once observed to me that power in her lover is the ultimate aphrodisiac for woman. Ida Lupino? She can be the next woman to turn up in the story. pl



I rely on "the force" to get rounds on the target. We should decide if the title is "one crazy bitch," (OCB) or "the crazy bitch" (TCB). Then we can have *CB-1, etc. pl

Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

Pat, we're going to have to develop a BOB (Bitch Order of Battle). Buzzfeed has a little on the Receive Mode Bitch.

Babak Makkinejad

No, it only attests to the essential veracity of the Chinese ideogram for quarrel/foolish:

Two women 奻 (nuán).

The Twisted Genius

Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try. File off the sights and drive on.



Chalabi's "bank" was a front for raising funds and shipping materiel to Iran during the Iran-Iraq War. pl


well, it depends, Prof. Pre discovery is one thing....but post discovery, when she was now good and angry, definitely Marie Dressler.


Clifford Kiracofe

Yes, thank you for the insights. The policy process needs analysis. At the next level down from what you outline, I think attention needs to be paid to the various think tanks inputting to the process. The Council on Foreign Relations as the grand lodge, but other players like CSIS, Brookings, AEI, Belfer Center Harvard, Carnegie Endowment, Heritage, Hoover, and so on and on. The input from such paper mills creates a certain context inside the Beltway -- White House, Congress, etc. -- and each has its devotees.

Also, the newsmedia linked to the grand lodge plays a role in "puffing" Chosen persons such as Coinistus Maximus or a Condi and so on. In the tradition of Luce and Hearst...

Those who are politically correct move up the ladder, those who are not are eventually exluded from (or marginalized) the policy process.

Going back to 2009, one notes some of the players around the now dead heavily puffed Holbrooke:

"The talk was moderated by CAP President John Podesta, looking none the worse for wear after his recent stopover in North Korea, and a large panel of Holbrooke's advisors including:
•Deputy Special Representative Dan Feldman
•Chief of Staff Rosemarie Pauli
•Senior Defense Advisor Vikram Singh (Department of Defense)
•Senior Development Advisor Beth Dunford (USAID)
•Senior Advisor Vali Nasr
•Spenior Advisor Jane Marriot (U.K. Foreign Office)
•Senior Advisor Barnett Rubin
•Senior Advisor Rina Amiri
•Senior Treasury Advisor Ramy Shy (Department of the Treasury)
•Special Advisor Ashley Bommer
•Senior Development Advisor Sepideh Keyyavanshad (USAID)
•Senior Agricultural Advisor Otto Gonzalez (Department of Agriculture) "

And so on.

r whitman

This whole affair has a "Jerry Springer" feel to it.

Clifford Kiracofe

Yes indeed, cottage industries for academics, big foundation grants, cushy jobs at paper mills (think tanks), rotating door into government for the Elect identified by affiliation with the Council on Foreign Relations grand lodge, and others inclined toward the imperium. Full of sound and fury signifying nothing except bad policy.

Cold War East Europe, yes Prometheus and other networks...

The cases of Taylor and Petraeus About the same. The grand lodge consensus says puff and then poof...



Meanwhile at the Belfer Center:




I said earlier that I thought Petraeus began this affair with OCB-1 (Broadwell)AFTER he bacame DCIA. This story seems to confirm that. I suppose he thought he was beyond the reach of DoD and could block anything adverse.

Separately, Clapper's role in this smells bad. Is he without sin? pl

John Minnerath

This has been a most interesting read. Comments by many here show a great depth of knowledge of the workings at the level of people like Petraeus.

His Icarus like plunge from grace by someone who so carefully managed his own image seems to get stranger and stranger.


John Minnerath

His feet of clay were always hidden in plain sight. "Clever" was also always the right word. pl


Many smart people at CIA did not appreciate the idea of the Agency being turned into an adjunct of drone warfare and kill lists. Some I've spoken to have emphasized that, with the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt and Turkey and Tunisia, and with similar prospects in other countries including Mali and even Syria, the idea that you can kill your way to stability, while incurring high civilian casualties ("collateral damage") is madness. Whether it was someone in the Army or the CIA who dropped the dime on Petraeus, he issues involved are bigger than his sexual appetite. The people I've spoken with are delighted that Petraeus' downfall can perhaps restore some more balanced mission to the intelligence community. And that would be a good thing.



You have a tendency to think that there must be some deep significance to events like this. No. Various people are happy and they may have taken advantage of the opportunity, but this was all about his ego and inability to resist the chance to troll with his d--k. pl


some thoughts
1. OCB-2?

Lebanese twin daughter of immigrants.

2. how come the Head Spook, who's a retired 4 star, and his paramour Lt. Col. of reserves, both West Point grads w/ advanced degrees didn't know how to use ENCRYPTED EMAIL?


3. The trouble w/ Davis Petraeus: too much aerobic exercise and no strength training. Has the stooped thin body of a long distance runner. Could run at least six minute miles in triathlons. He would have been better off doing sprints once every ten days or so & working out with kettlebells a couple times a week.



"..retired 4 star, and his paramour Lt. Col. of reserves, both West Point grads w/ advanced degrees didn't know how to use ENCRYPTED EMAIL?" He was mainly good at ass kissing and giving briefings. You know, like many successful people. West Pointers are a pampered caste. most of them assume that they don't have to perform to the standard you imagine. Everyone else in the Army is going to do their work anyway. Ask Tom Ricks. What on earth does his (Petraeus) PT regimen have to do with this? Are you a sports freak? pl

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