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14 October 2012


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Thanks to Col. Lang and Jeff Stein for the important reminder and insight into forward based intelligence and diplomacy, both the necessity and the risks involved. If the attack had not occurred in the heat of a presidential election season, I like to think that the rhetorical warfare and dubious positions of both the President's men and the opposition camp would have been less extreme, and we might have conducted a more viable and respectful probe into the incident. I just watched Face the Nation and saw a preview of the upcoming presidential debate on Tuesday night, where this is going to be one dominant topic. The lead voice on TV today for the Obama Administration, addressing the Benghazi attack, was David Axelrod, the campaign chief--not Donilon, not Brennan. They let the campaign rhetoric race ahead of reality, by touting the killing of Osama as synonymous with the killing off of the al Qaeda threat. Then 9/11/12 happened, and the first instinct was to dodge the truth about what happened. The threat of neo-Salafi and Muslim Brotherhood expansion is a very real threat, as is becoming more and more obvious. But the real dangers out there are not being addressed very much, in favor of partisan jabs. More needs to be said about the risks of playing with neo-Salafi fire, as in the Syria situation, Egypt situation, Tunisia situation, Mali situation, Libya situation, etc.

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