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21 October 2012


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Extremely well put with one proviso. Before teaching the children to read and write, you have to stop the Taliban from killing the children who try.


A very useful discourse. Interestingly, I had a mental blurp for a second and imagined the gated, fortified communities were here in America with the inhabitants helicoptering to work in Manhattan, and special security for anyone interacting in their world, plus aggressive violent policing to anyone so culturally insensitive as to suggest something wrong with such an arrangement.

Although I can personally see the charm (of such a life, if I had a billion or two).

Babak Makkinejad

Parts of major Brazilian cities are like that.



It seems to me that I read a piece of "future history" once in which the population had resolved itself into "taxpayers" who had all the money and "citizens" who were paupers living on the dole and carefully surveilled by the FBI. The "citizens" were heavily recruited for off-world colonization. pl

Adam L Silverman


Well there is this:



Europe still loves its cities, we build little well policed enclaves in the center that anyone (with cash) can love, and dislike the rest. Its fascinating (not in a necessarily good sense) how our approach is the middle east has mirrored how our society here has evolved, and in ways that most American's would not approve (so why should the Afghanistani's).

Dear Colonel, I too recall a few such sci-fi stories, likely building on new world trends a few centuries ago. There was a saying in Italy in the 1920s about better to be free in L'America than under the boot of the count in Italy (where the commoners always went to bed hungry and owned no land). Sidenote, those who agitated in Italy for the rights of the hungry where exported by the aristocracy to the US rather than martyred, and agitated here. Mars revolts!!

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