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05 October 2012


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steve g

I think it about time Clint, we all love
his career, hang up the on screen roles.
What ever happened to that voice anyway?
Ever since his role in Heartbreak Ridge as
Gunny Highway, Howard? the real MOH winner,
his voice reminds one of Dustin Hoffman in
Little Big Man. He attributed that to screaming
in a closet for the desired effect. As my hearing
is not what it was, in some theaters his dialogue
is indecipherable.


They filmed a good bit of it here in Athens this summer. Caused quite a stir downtown.

The Twisted Genius

Old Clint is definitely showing his age. I remember his "Get off of my lawn" line in Grand Torino. I figured he was acknowledging his membership in the old coot club. My wife is always after me to wear sunglasses. I always respond that I'm going for the Clint Eastwood look. Maybe I ought to rethink that.



I still have my Garand. If they see it someone else will have to pick up the reins here at SST. "When they took the organic mess teams out of the companies, that was the collapse of western civilization." So true. I was mess officer in B 2/2 Inf when I was a child. The mess sergeant correctly thought me that but pretended to take me seriously. Needless to say I ate a lot of meals in the troop mess before SWMBO and I married. "Good mohnin, lootenant , honey," the big black man who actually ran the mess would sing out from behind the serving line grill. "You wan' some Georgia ice cream with those aiggs?" He meant grits and yes I surely did. In those days the company mess cooked in the field on field ranges that ran on gasoline burners and they could cook anything on the Army Master Menu, no matter what the conditions. Nothing ever tasted as good as scrambled eggs, hash brown potatos and cubed bacon eaten standing up out of a mess tin before dawn with snow falling on you and melting in the tin with your chow. Nothing was ever that good again, nothing. pl

The Twisted Genius


Ahh, the memories. The mess tent, the field ranges, the mermite containers and that cross eyed little mess sergeant who always accompanied us to the field. He knew just how many real eggs to add to the powdered eggs to keep the scrambled eggs from turning green. He knew just how to spice the SOS. You are so right. The SOS, scrambled eggs and hash browns with a canteen cup full of hot coffee on a cold damp morning is as close to heaven as we'll get on this side of death.

Charles I

Hello perfessor general Alan (rtd?) hmmm, ham baseball, egos, a wrinkly old man and a wet tshirt not my cuppa.

Serendipitously TV Ontario is airing Clint in The Beguiled, a delightful account of a charming Union soldier who hides out and heals up in a Confederate girls school, where he gets a series of the rightest rogering from the girls who naturally then turn on each other as the cad works his way through them in the best Flashman fashion.

I recall something to behold in the bevy of beauties clad in period diaphanous bedclothes sneaking around to change the immobilized Clint's bandages. The resulting intra-gender warfare's an ugly creepy thing though, pretty dark.

FB Ali


Thoroughly enjoyed that review (revue?). As usual. That, in spite of not having the foggiest about baseball (tried to get interested once long time ago on previous sojourn in North America, couldn't, and then switched to US football!). Cheers, FB.


Charles I

Play Misty for Me was pretty creepy also. Cads always pay a price in Eastwood Land.

Charles I

OMG I forgot how creepy a simple movie can be, this one ends like Stepford Wives on The Orient Express.

I find Play Misty for Me difficult to watch.


TypePad HTML Email

Cant seem to find way reply here. At any rate, do not feel bad. Had soccer explained to me many times...without that it evoke any interest (not played wiht
helmet and stick, not American), AFF


Salad dressing made from the syrup in the #10 cans of fruit. I was never able to drink milk after 13 months in Korea and the recombined milk.
The best culinary memory I have from Vietnam is the fresh french bread sold in the morning in the little towns on the road between Dong Tam and Vihn Long.


Farrelle AF

you seem to have managed. pl


FB Ali

Review not revue. pl

FB Ali

Col Lang,

I wasn't sure whether the most apt term for Alan's piece was 'review' or 'revue' ("a variety show with topical sketches and songs and dancing and comedians").

I'm still not sure.


FB Ali

A good point, all singing all dancing. pl

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