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14 October 2012


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Riddles within mysteries, because a white horse is, of course, not a horse.

William R. Cumming

Wilson was deeply steeped in Calvinism and the notion of "election" as being the chosen of GOD as evidenced by success in this world not the next!

The fundamental error of many is that the Constitution was designed to protect government from religion not to protect religion from government!

Bill H

I would say to protect the population from religion in government. I think that is actually what you're saying, in effect, since religion doesn't harm government per se, it harms the people who live under that government, and your point is well made and a very good point.


I've read about Joseph Smith (1844 candidate for POTUS) & theodemocracy... might we experience a "one man, one vote, one-time" plebiscite someday? Would we see it coming (ie would our MSM & "sophisticated" political hackdom recognize it as a real possibility ... esp if paid enough not to...)?

The Moar You Know

I just want to thank you for mentioning "Dominionism", a philosophy that is totally off the radar of almost all Americans, and possibly the greatest threat to the Republic I have witnessed in my lifetime.

Clifford Kiracofe

“This is about an administration that has ignored, religious Christian minority communities throughout North Africa and the Middle East, to the peril for four years.”

And Leo dismisses any concerns that Catholics might be apprehensive about voting for Romney, who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

“Mitt Romney is a member of a religious minority community, he actually understands quite well the way in which the state can threaten a religious minority because he happens to belong to one,” Leo said. “Catholics understand that concept extraordinarily well.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1012/82410_Page3.html#ixzz29PBCJqHV


oh yeah... the State has oft been a serious threat to religous minorities in the USA... like Episcopalians.


I am not convinced that religion is as much a threat to the State anymore but I know this is:


Presumably this woman is allowed to vote.


There is a touch of madness abroad in the land. The "sanctification" of so many anxieties through the arousal of religious passion is one manifestation of a wider phenomenon of people seeking escape/salvation through fanciful means. They range from "make-overs" to "reinventions" to political exorcisms(of government, of a 'Socialist' black president) to a longing for the "end days' climax. Here is evangelical country (Texas) they co-exist and even intersect at times. We rapidly are becoming an exotic society and culture more amenable to comprehension by an anthropologist than by an historian or political scientist. That seems to hold true for our presidential politics.

Martin Oline

This video is probably a put on. I heard it years ago as a blonde joke. The other blonde joke I heard was:
A blonde calls the fire department in panic and says, "My house is on fire! Come quick! Hurry!"
The dispatcher tells her to calm done and asks "How do we get there?"
She replies," Well, in your big red truck, of course!"


You're right, Lars, stupidity threatens democracy. The deer are only crossing where they are told to, yah sure, and she will vote for who she is told to vote for, you betchya.

In the 19th century the Midwest was known to be a sanctuary for spiritualists and fringe religious cults. Bizarre religions like Scientology and Moonies still pop up and attract followers. One that hasn't caught on is Urantia, which sound like a Chariots of the Gods type cult.

Islam is the only religion I see being threatened but the threat is not state sanctioned but from fearful individuals.



I listened to a tape of calls to the San Francisco police dispatchers after the '89 earthquake. You'd be surprised at the number of people who snapped.

Clifford Kiracofe

"There is a touch of madness abroad in the land."

Well said. It is our undoing.

911 put us in a state of national hysteria and we have since wasted an estimated 5 trillion (by 2020) on unnecessary wars. This after wasting two decades since the collapse of the Soviet empire and end of the Cold War.

Magical thinking dominates.

The political leadership in both parties has failed the Republic and has moved us dangerously toward decline. Such a decline may be irreversible. Historians at some future date may well write the obituary.

Clifford Kiracofe

At the moment, Mitt Romney is a Rorschach test, with voters seeing what they want to see. That is the secret to his surge in the polls since the first presidential debate.

"Conservatives have convinced themselves that Romney’s return to the center is a necessary election expedient, done with a wink and a nod. Swing voters who have swayed toward him believe that they have finally seen the real Mitt Romney and that he’s not the extreme candidate the negative ads (and the Republican primary process) led them to believe.

"Look, I would be content if I thought that Mitt Romney’s election meant a revival of the centrist Republican tradition—deficit reduction driven by a sense of fiscal responsibility rather than a fealty to Grover Norquist that elevates anti-tax theology over balanced budgets and longterm economic stability. I’d like to see a cease-fire called on the culture wars, as Mitch Daniels once wisely suggested, and more consistent application of the principle of individual liberty. I’d like to see a problem-solving approach to the presidency that was open to the best ideas from both sides and realized that some degree of bipartisan cooperation was necessary to governing in the national interest. But as I write these words, I’m struck by how unconservative they sound in the current environment.

"Mitt Romney will vaguely invoke all these ideas in the next debate, but they are in direct conflict with policy commitments made over the past five years of running for president.

"Yes, maybe the salesman has just been doing what he needed to do to pull off the ultimate coup in a hyper-conservative party—nominate a Massachusetts moderate who once proudly claimed that he’d been a registered independent during the Reagan years. It could be just the kind of bold Hail Mary needed to re-center the Republican Party. Or maybe Romney doesn’t believe in any political idea bigger than his own ambition.

"But the paradox of Moderate Mitt’s current success in the polls should provoke some soul searching inside the Republican Party..."


Clifford Kiracofe

"....The question then arises of what he can do to enhance his chances of continuing the momentum that he clearly developed in the first debate.

There are two ways the governor can approach this, neither mutually exclusive. The first is to continue in the tone that he spoke in throughout the first debate, clearly moderating in general terms his policy views and all the while making it clear that he disagrees fundamentally with the approach Barack Obama has taken and the results that have been achieved.

"But there is much more specifically that he can do that will arguably have a greater impact. This approach is to make clear that he will have a bipartisan administration.

"....explicit and clear outreach Romney can make to supporters of President Bill Clinton whose approval rating remains at least 15 points higher than that of President Obama. Indeed, Clinton supporters, many of whom remain undecided, are fiscally conservative Democrats and independents who remain skeptical of Obama’s politics....."

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1012/82416_Page2.html#ixzz29SGh66Xe


Mr. Kiracofe,

"Another such victory and I come back to Epirus alone."


optimax (my agnostic pal),

Crackpot beliefs are a phenomena most apparent in Times of Cataclysmic Change.





One thing I can predict from the political climate is that we are in dangerous times and entering even more dangerous times. That's why I've been arming myself with nonlethal weapons at http://www.lifeshield-technology.com/stun-guns.html



I didn't know about the Yellow Turban Rebellion, always thought of Taoists as being nonpolitical.

Here is another strange Chinese Rebellion that was almost successful and fairly progressive. I'm sure you know them.


The beaver

Mr Kiracofe

Have you seen this:

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