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10 October 2012


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Al Spafford

The reporter does not offer any substance to her allegation that the gov't kept CNN from reporting her findings, from my reading of this. The web site appears far right, kinda "Foxish"


Frankly, I'd rather have a sensitive, intelligent soul, albeit exhausted, running the joint than a power-hungry pragmatist who would allow Netanyahu to set ME foreign policy, and who would owe a lot to his Bain brothers. ('Moderate Mitt' knows zero about how federal accounting works. It does not work like state accounting. His remark about borrowing from China vis-a-vis Big Bird showed me that. Now, that's frightening when you have Paul Ryan chomping at the bit to implement Ayn Rand and not the wisdom and economical insight of Benjamin Franklin, because it's a take-it-the-bank Ryan now wants the presidency.)

Strong people don't need strong leaders. We forget that.


He's ruthless enough: he makes individualized decisions on targeting drones. He needs to learn to delegate more: Presidential times is better spent on larger policy issues rather than playing judge and jury.

Mark Logan

I'm waiting to see how Obama comes out in the second debate. He practiced against John Kerry, which strikes me to be a bit like practicing against Droopy to prepare for Ricochet Rabbit. He has a day job. George seemed incredibly dim-witted and tired in one of his against Kerry. The challenger has no record to defend and can be much more optimistic.

Wouldn't surprise me to find out he is conflicted about wanting another term of this job, one for which he is not well suited. He has to be aware of that now.

I'll add another possible reason: Guilt about having his teenage daughters in that bubble for four more years.



ruthlessness has little to do with it. He can function well as CinC of the armed forces becase he does not have to negotiate with them. pl


If the funding for PBS is a problem that needs China's funding - why nobody says that the funding of military industrial complex is on borrowed money from China? Romney should be asked about that as well :)


I have to break down the issues with the Democratic philosophy since thinking that multiculturalism is thought crime of the highest order. I also believe that their particular insanity is the main driver behind the decline of our country. The Republican Party of thirty years ago would be described in farcical terms as Nazis by today's crazed multicultural at any cost media.

The Republican Party represents conservative principles as much as I represent the NAACP. Why the hell would I vote for Romney? So the Republicans can go back to sleep at the wheel and we get to see:

- more globalism and 'free trade'
- another push for amnesty
- taxation that favors the ultra rich instead of the professional underclass
- more war for Israel
- yet even more destruction of our civil liberties
- more kowtowing to the cult of diversity

Why the hell would I reward the Republican Party with my vote? Because the party insiders are telling me that if Romney loses, its because of Ron Paul supporters and not because he has flunked every chance he had to stand with his base? He could have come out against Obama's illegal backdoor amnesty, he could have sided with Chik-Fil-A in that retarded manufactured 'controversy', he could have said something when Obama started knocking down civil liberties.

But no, he did none of these things but talks big. If the Republican Party wants my vote, then they can start supporting policies I agree with instead of parroting everything the Democrats do but love Israel more.


There are many men who wore butternut and grey buried across this country who would argue heartily with your words.

"Not through speeches and majority decisions will the great questions of the day be decided - that was the great mistake of 1848 and 1849 - but by iron and blood."


I suppose that is a step up from when I compared to Holden Caulfield.


When running against Mitt Romney, John Huntsman described Romney as "a perfectly lubricated weathervane."


He could have decided that he would not kill named individuals in situations where innocents might die. He decided to kill. To the extent that his premise that killing these particular people prevents more deaths later and/or killing large numbers of civilians in widespread strife in these areas is correct, this is morally correct. Nonetheless, many people when faced with killing a known individuals and surrounding innocent people in order to prevent future deaths of unidentified people, cannot bring themselves to do so and they cannot bring themselves to be directly involved. He did not shirk from reaching this decision and from being personally involved.

While Obama is not a skilled negotiator the Republicans who decided to stomp their feet and turn blue and hold their breath unless they got their way even if they took the economy with them deserve their own share of the blame for their failure to do the right things for this country.


Who would you say is slinking towards Bethlehem to be born?


Mr Kiracofe,

I don't see how critical thinkers can work with a member of Congress like this who seems to be representative of the Tea Baggers.


How does one answer this insanity? I was at Sandia Peak today reading about the geological history of the Rio Grande rift. The Geologists claim it is much older than the figure given by Rep Paul Broun. He thinks that the entire earth is around 9000 years old and serves on the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. This is not reasonable position and will not likely lead compromise. It is a belief and not a fact.

Besides the money guys behind the tea party will not let Romney ditch the neocons. In my opinion If he wins we will see a return to Bush years and worse. I think that the Germans call it Cloud cuckoo land.



Albayim, great post-I agree with every word and nuance.
Regardless though,Obama will win big in November, I would not be surprised if it is a landslide. Romney's latest jump on the polls is a blessing in disguise, it energizes Obama and the Democratic party base. Imagining Romney winning should have a chilling doping effect on anyone with half a brain and a heart.

Clifford Kiracofe

Romney's Neocon problem:

...."Last month, the New York Times described Senor as an “advocate of neoconservative thinking that has sought to push presidents to the right for years on Middle East policy.” Senor led a foreign policy briefing for Ryan on the plane yesterday from Seattle along with Jamie Fly, executive director, Foreign Policy Initiative and Reuel Marc Gerecht from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Romney keeps a large group of foreign-policy advisers, eight of whom participated in the early neoconservative group Project for a New American Century think tank, founded in 1997 and headed by William Kristol, the Nation’s Ari Berman reported in May. In the same month, The New York Times’ Magazine’s David Sanger reported on discontent within that big team, with some complaining that Romney only listens to John Bolton, the former U.N. ambassador under president Bush."....


Gerecht and co.: http://www.defenddemocracy.org/experts
Fly and co.: http://www.foreignpolicyi.org/about/staff

Will Romney dump these people?


Prof Kiracofe,

I think what we witness these days is the peak manifestation of the Baby Boomer generation's own civil war; one that has raged since the days these folks came of age. Since 1993, Boomers have held supreme political power in this country, from the federal to the state and also local levels. As their older cousins and parents passed from the political and social fabric, Boomers became less leavened and were released from restraints to their speech, their politics and their actions. Today, they display daily their true Id... a selfish concern for "Me first" and "mine." (Perhaps the one thing this generation can agree on whether they hail from the "left" or the "right" is devotion to self above all.) And since Boomers brook no interference from their younger siblings (Gen X) and because the youngest adult cohort (Millenials) are just arriving on the scene, the Boomers will remain unconstrained by any other and their civil war within themselves will continue unabated. We the Citizens and our Nation suffer the consequences of their leadership (and I think the Boomers care not one wit since they are so driven in their convictions that they are right). The next term, whether led by Boomer Obama or Boomer Romney will be no different; in fact, I believe it will only get worse until the cataclysm is upon us all.


Clifford Kiracofe


It is a long shot that Romney will dump the Neocons and reorient. We shall see soon enough in the coming weeks.

"Personnel is policy" inside the Beltway. Yes, if the Neocons are runing foreign policy it would be a Bush rerun and worse.

We already are in a mess owing to the "humanitarian interventionists" in the Obama Admin: Samantha Power and Susan Rice and so on. Interesting that these women are so quick to have men go to war resulting in mass death and devastation in Syria, for example, of women and children. Derek Chollet at ISA (DOD) is an enabler in this mix as a former staffer at PP (State) under another delusional type -- Anne-Marie Slaughter who left her post as a key Hillary advisor some months back.

So as Col. Lang rightly emphasizes we are in a mess either way.

I'd like to be at Sandia Point myself rather than teaching. I studied geology some years back. I found it interesting on my motorcyle trip through the West this summer that there were a lot of excellent road markers in Utah indicating and explaining many formations. Vernal is dino country.

Broun represents the Christian Zionist Fundamentalists I wrote about in my book Dark Crusade (London: IB Tauris, 2009). There are a number in Congress.

I saw somewhere that the Texas State Republican Platform condemns critical thinking.

Money for the loonies? Here is a specific example linked to the Neocons and Dick Cheny and ADI and all the rest: Bruce Kovner.


Either. Or. It does not really matter- I don't see either doing anything but doubling down on the madness that got us here.


On thing to remember is that Romney has had only one job in the past couple of years, campaigning. Obama's still the President of the Republic. Obviously he's got less stress and more time for debate preparation.
Back to real issues here's a fine example of furthering entanglements in Syria, with Turkey forceing a plane on a flight from Moscow to land in Turkey.



Tyler: Another great reference! Are you a Catholic School graduate? (You are quoting the canon, Catcher in the Rye, A Separate Peace, etc.)

IMHO, forging an American Identify based on something beyond consumerism is the primary challenge we face going forward.

steve g

"anyone with half a brain and a heart."
Obviously, you do not live in the USA.
If you did you would come across people
you describe on a daily basis. The
Boomer "Me Generation" is mentioned as
a possible causation to our current
situation. I would say the mindset of the
American people in general is the problem.
Discussions like these on this site and
others rarely exists in the public domain.
Often when you try to engage someone in a
substantive discussion of politics,world
events, science or religion, you are met
with a blank stare or outright hostility
if you do not agree with the others position.
Young people could care less about any of this.
The latest tech devices capture their time and
imagination. IMO most people vote their
personal issues more than those that might
benefit the nation, state or local concerns.
It is probably naive on my part to think the
opposite might be a significant factor.


I wasn't clear... my reference was to Obama & salvation, not Lincoln (who I view as a somewhat modernized Deist w/ an underlying Calvinistic value-set / personal character from nature & upbringing... no doubt as the war proceeded he must've wondered if he was to be the agent of the Union's Salvation).

One can be process-oriented and aloof. If he were less aloof, he would power-game Congress a la LBJ ("now, I see you have 3500 federal-dependent jobs in your district, Mr. Congressman..."). But he has (accurately, I think) written off consensus-building with Congress as a dead end. Unfortunately, he's probably correct (but I wish he gave it the old college try... at least game them for public edification).

I think he's handed off Foreign Policy to Hillary... one could do worse these days. I don't think any pres can involve himself in the general running of the gov (like Nixon & Carter) anymore... bureacratic momentum is transcendant. A candidate never meets a pro campaign staff's expectations.

He may've determined that "the public doesn't really want me, or I'd have better support for what I've done & tried to do over the past 4 yrs." Ya gotta want it bad to be pres... & desire to win seems to be stronger than drive to execute in recent decades. I suspect we shall see some very lively & intense campaigning from him in the last 2 weeks ("it's a completely new Obama we saw on the camp. trail today!")... or else he may just fade as gracefully as he can muster.


Totally agree.

Don't agree with Obama on many/every/thing but his own dem congress has stabbed him the back time and again.

So I'm voting for him as the 'lesser evil' and also because in a second and last term he might work up some righteous anger and let it all hang out...he owes nothing to the dem party in congress that has screwed him regularly.


"Will Romney dump these people?"

LOL...if you have studied Romney's business history you would know he is just as capable of screwing those neos who helped get him elected as the neos are capable of screwing America.
Whether he would or not is another story, depends on how useful he would think they are to his own plans.

Ken Halliwell

To state the obvious, if he becomes POTUS and does not dump these people, be prepared for a lot of GWB administration Déjà Vu moments -- at least on foreign policy matters.

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