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08 October 2012


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Medicine Man

I haven't seen this flick yet, so I don't have much to add. Mila Kunis is quite attractive. She was in a film I watched last night, the Black Swan. I remember your review of that film was pretty critical and I can understand why. I find I'm getting less patient with films told from the perspective of an unreliable narrator (her cheese sliding off her cracker in this case), though this didn't bother me so much with the film Shutter Island.

Anyhow, thanks for the review of Ted, Mr. Farrell. Good to see you back on SST again.


I tend to avoid Summer Guy Flicks and Summer Chick Flicks in general but I saw this one and wasn't sorry. Funny movie.

The girl is always trying to nudge the guy into maturity in this kind of picture, which gets on my nerves a bit because it's kind of a backhanded compliment - the women are the grownups, yeah, but they also tend to be killjoys, the nannies with the wooden spoons, although I gather a lot of men mightn't mind the spoon if wielded by Miss Kunis.

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