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24 October 2012


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I'll pass on this feeble imitation of Tarantino, I'd rather watch Lloyd Bridges in a Seahunt marathon. After sitting through McDonagh's A Behanding in Seattle, In Bruges, Pillowman, etc. it is clear to me he has nothing of interest to say, just regurgitating the same old-same old.


But wait, you breezed by the important stuff, the high jeans, pouty cheekbones and tight lips, or however that goes, was there any SKIN?

Once again a marvelous revue, or is it review? How 'bout the new binary thing—A-SEE NOW, B-WAIT FOR NETFLIX, by now I trust yuh.

Thanks, hombre.

Medicine Man

Sounds like a film in need of a diagram to decipher the plot. Based on the review I think I may pick it up on video at some point though.


My first experience of Martin M. McDonagh was the play Pillowman and my reaction was positive; after seeing other works by the writer and director I found his themes monotonous, his wit shallow, and his talent unworthy of the hype. McDonagh's A Behanding in Seattle was especially poor in my opinion, although the casting of Christopher Walken in the NY production sounds brilliant. Perhaps Mr. McDonagh will someday write something that is not reminiscent of a Fox TV comedy as directed by Tarantino.

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