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03 October 2012


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Al Spafford

Col Lang, I found Ricks and Cole's response below in line with what you are discussing here. Interested in your continuing thoughts:


John Minnerath

I ran across an article about the unbelievable amount of money each of the armed services had spent developing a "better" camouflage combat fatigue uniform.
The Army expenditures seemed particularly out of control.
And the final outcome was still a uniform that made soldiers stand out like a sore thumb in all environments.


As to the USMC,there is a need for a Naval infantry/security force.

A few years ago a New Haven, CT. TV news crew walked out onto a dock at the New London Sub Base and onto the deck of a nuclear sub.
They were not challenged.

BTW, there is actually a third Army - sort of: the Naval Expeditionary Combat Command; doing what the USMC used to do before getting into the "Army business."

Face it:
CT is a big business;careers and budgets depend on it.



You are arguing for a much smaller USMC devoted to traditional missions? The multitudes told me that VN and Iraq would never end because civilians were making too much money out of it for it to end. They ended. CT is an important mission. It could be done much smaller and cheaper. pl


Sort of like the old canard:
There will never be a cure for cancer - too many careers and budgets involved in "the war on cancer."

Remember: this is America.
It's ALWAYS about the money.



so, you would suscribe to the Chop Suey Clausewitz quote that "even as you would not use good steel to make a nail, you would not use a good man to make a soldier." pl

Al Spafford

Per Col Lang's prior and now Ricks' comments on Gen Marshall, I now need to read more on this great patriot in our nation's history.


Ah fusion centers. They've become a 'block to check' on the promotion matrices in the federal law enforcement services, as well as a way for people to get close to home if there's no posting out there. Not a problem for most agencies, but some of the natural resource officers and the Patrol can find it difficult to get east of the mighty Mississippi.

That being said they're a boondoggle and a waste and another way for agencies to dip their beaks in anti-terror hokey poke.





"Whaaaaattt.........?" This seems clear to me. In your America, who could possibly be stupider than a soldier? pl


With so much duplicity, eventually one "group" will give you the answer you want. There is always a method to madness.

Contrary to popular belief smaller is often better, better in the retention of the best and discarding of the worst. Let's get smaller. pl

I agree, good group should get addition funding, bad group abolished. So why are you supporting BHO? lol


The USMC also has one of the largest air forces in the world- ranking at least in the top 10.



"So why are you supporting BHO?" Whether I am or not is none of your business, but since you asked, my opinion is that the only thing worse than another BHO term would be a Romney term. pl



yes. pl


Col: As always, you include a classic line: "Once upon a time, the marines were a small service dedicated to... guarding admirals from sailors..."



Yes, and tell me what they are guarding the president from at the WH door. Washington pan handlers? There are an awful lot of uniformed secret service there for that. the Army has the same problem at the WH. Someone I knew well commanded the 3rd Infantry Regiment (the Old Guard). One day several decades ago the secret service showed up on his "doorstep" at Ft. Myer and told him they wanted all the firing pins taken out of his men's rifles, this for the president's "safety." He told them that his soldiers were not movie extras and that they could go f--k themselves. They left unsatisfied. pl pl


NOT true.
I have respect for people who can do things I can't do.
That includes soldiers.
Does NOT include people who are BORN with special abilities - like professional athletes.

Maybe you have spent too many years "reading between the lines" looking for hidden meanings/agendas.



Maybe so, what's your agenda? pl


The navy outsourced the marine battalion guarding submmarines in New London (not New Haven) back in the '80s. Reagan's revolution, don't you know. Good thing that tv station didn't try that back on my days, one of our topside watches locked & loaded on the seal team doing some exercise - they didn't think the repeated order to halt meant anything until he did.


"Does NOT include people who are BORN with special abilities - like professional athletes."

Lots of those men served, some in combat, in WWII and Korea. Why should we excuse thier service now because they can earn a fat paycheck?


I'm retired.
Not outliving my money is the nearest thing I have to an agenda.

Mark Logan

I think that was more of a problem for the British than it ever was for us. They had a lot of guys who were driven on board by brute force once upon a time.

I hated how we blew the aviation budget on a small number Ospreys. This is inconsistent with having a large force. More about being able to do something somebody else couldn't, I suspect.



I have an employee who is currently Army reserve. He started his career in the Navy (radar sigint) under Reagan, continued eight years (Panama, Iraq 1, Bosnia) into the mid-90's and left the service. In the end of 2001 he enlisted in the Army as he felt he was needed. He spent the next three years training for and maintaining a water treatment/distillation system in Iraq which sat unused his entire tour as contractors were hired to duplicate his unit's work. Instead he proofread his superiors letters and reports. Another embarrassment from his account. His experience was the Army was all about numbers. Numbers of people, numbers of equipment, numbers of reports. Quality didn't matter as long as the numbers were up. Malcontents, mental health cases, even outright criminals were merely transferred to someone else's command to prevent a reduction in numbers. By his accounting there is (was?) obviously a lot of rot in our military, which is a real shame to those who have higher standards and want to serve their country with honor.

If, god forbid, Romney is elected, he said he is almost certain he will be called up again for the six-pack (sixth president, sixth war) and he wanted to let me know so I could plan accordingly.

Thanks for your blog.

ex-PFC Chuck

If you want to immerse yourself, read Forrest Pogue's four volume biography.

The Moar You Know

I get the email updates from our local center. They are almost always the same emails I get from my extremely right-wing father-in-law, but with the exclamation points removed. I have to assume someone there is smart enough to remove the anti-President Obama emails, at least the ones that mention his name directly.

The remaining 10% of their emails are just cut n' paste jobs from the local crime blotter.

Shameful. In every respect. What they do is no more legitimate law enforcement than when my five-year old nephew tattles on his little brother.

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