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27 October 2012


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At The Virginia Capes

Sounds delicious. You and the wife will eat well during this storm, sir.
If you have leftovers, throw them into the air... with the winds (NW) late Monday/Tuesday, they should make it to the Capes!


At the Virginia Capes

We have some duck enthusiasts coming over. They have sworn to take away the leftovers. pl

John Minnerath

Domestic or wild? Sure looks good already!


Stuffing used last week for a roast duck dinner: 1 bosc pear large dice, 1 Onion also large dice ( I like the hotter reds but even a Vidalia will suffice ), fresh thyme, large cubes rye bread, duck stock (chicken stock if one must). Salt and pepper before serving if cooked outside the duck; salt and pepper lightly if cooked inside the duck, per duck.
I see that you are letting the potatoes cook in the duck fat of which there is nothing better.

William R. Cumming

Looking like Election Night decision from voters east of the Mississippi for once. No late night for voters and watchers. IMO of course!


Good luck to everybody in the path of this storm.





Ok... anyone want to tell me what all this hubub is about not calling in AC130s, assault forces, extractions teams and blaming the President for murdering the ambassador and others?

Clifford Kiracofe

Mmmm ...save a leg for some cassoulet...


Colonel Lang,

Your idea of what is good to cook
and how to cook it coincides with mine

USMC 65-72
FBI 72-96


I'm not sure what the overarching principle is in blog etiqette during an election year. Is the purpose of a blog to convince the most people to choose the blogger's preferred candidate? Put another way, a blogger has one vote; convincing others to his viewpoint increases the strength of his vote.

Last year, the colonel was pretty hard on President Obama. This close to the election Obama is being presented in a better light.



The closer I have gotten to the election the worse Romney looks. Does that suffice? My blog is merely a reflection of my interests. Nobody cares what I think and I like it that way. pl



The ducks went 2 1/2 hours. I guess the radiant burner is not all that hot. The potatos were not done so I took the ducks off and tented them in the kitchen and then turned up the main burners on the grill and finished the spuds by frying them in all that duck fat and juice. I had to fight the guests for any of them at all. They took the carcasses away. My niece who was here wants me to cook a country hame for the holidays. She will get one at Crabill's and I will be happy to cook it. pl


Seems your guests weren't fighting fair, but I can't blame them; just looking at this makes me hungry! Do you think this recipe would work well for pheasant?

The Twisted Genius

SWMBO and I just returned to Virginia from a week in the Saratoga, NY area. Last night we enjoyed a wonderful meal and even better company with some friends living on 27 acres between Saratoga Battlefield and Saratoga Lake. They have a good life and she's a magnificent cook. Our friends only have the chickens now, but they raised sheep in the past. They just brought their two lambs, which they bought in the Spring, to be slaughtered. It's just too hard to care for the animals properly over what could be a hard six months of winter, especially breeders. When we return next Spring, we were promised a roast leg of lamb.

Mark Gaughan


William R. Cumming

Again where exactly is Crabill's?



3149 Riverview Dr Toms Brook, VA 22660



I am salivating. It is probably good practice in being wet.

Could you save me a pint of that ham marinade?



My country ham recipe is on the Blog. There is no marinade. pl

The beaver


Have you kept some of the duck fat?
It's good for fast frying blanched veggies - like green beans ( I lik ethem green and crunchy not greyish)or glazed carrots (the namtaise ones) or parsnips.

William R. Cumming

Thanks PL!

Maureen Lang

Looks like you had a feast yesterday eve- we love rotisserie bbq duck here, stuffed with quartered red onions soaked in unfiltered apple juice. Seems like your niece enjoyed it so much that you'll be preparing a country ham for the holidays, which sounds absolutely delicious.

fadi agha

This is not 'good' roti. This is amazing!
Bon Appetit!


I love that you "guys" are talking about food. Finally, something I know something about. The ducks look great. I've always been suspicious of people who don't cook, and eat, and for heavens sake, drink. So, cheers!

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