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10 October 2012


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I'm clearing my schedule so I can watch this 3x in a row, thanks to this review's bravura endorsement. Broooooooou-ce!


The same director did Brick, which was a hard boiled detective noir with all the tropes and language but set in a modern day LA high school. Excellent film, even if this one seems to have missed for the reviewer.

Charles I

man what letdown from the hype you'd think it was 12 Monkeys. Death sentence with a 30 year Golden Parachute's got a certain childish appeal to it I guess.


Oy vey, as they say before they boot up the jet and head for Fordow or Isfahan, or Bushehr.

I once had a ride in a thing called the "Vertigon" (better known to some as the "vomitorium)."It didn't make me near as sick as reading that review, Thanks, Bro, I'm gonna reserve that one for when I have the on/off switch near at hand. I hate to stagger out of a theater spewing the contents of whatever.

BTW, I looooove READING that kind of stuff. How come it never translates to film for me? Something wrong with my optical cognition or something, I guess.


Okay, I'll wait for the Netflix release.
It certainly does remind me of some other movie(s).

As for literature, I always liked Joe Haldeman's The Hemingway Hoax for the it's treatment of the time travel topic.


"How, you may ask, do we work in the high cheekbones, tight jeans, pouty lips floozy?"

Someone should write a PhD thesis on Hollywood movie production with this as the subject. Time to see if I can get someone to fund that degree for me.



I like the simple approach in films, such as where the guy talks about getting the girl of his dreams, and is an action packed individual who is not afraid to pick flowers for his girl while at full tilt in the saddle. Guess it's the country boy in me. Anyways, the simple story lines are the ones I prefer.

Take a look-listen at the song Arman extracted from the Kyrgyz movie Boz Salkyn, (I enjoyed watching the full movie, pleasant to the headlights without all the intricate fuss that seem to accompany most of all of Hollywood's stuff these days. The Kyrgyz story line is sooo much simpler).

Anyways back to the gist, here's 'Arman' from the Kyrgyz movie 'Boz Salkyn':


Well, I saw this thing over the weekend. "Incomprehensibly stupid" is my verdict. The whole shtick with the bad guys from the future kneeling on canvas with bags over their heads, and being instantly blown away (mostly) was something right out of a cartoon. And THIS is what you need bad-ass "loopers" for? Oh pleeaze!

Even more irritating was the quarter/cigarette-lighter levitation trick, with the demon seed child thrown in at the end who can levitate everything. Like, WHERE have we seen this before?

Emily Blunt in the tight jeans with the aquiline features was nice to look at, sbut eye candy can't save a sticky mess. Sarah Connor indeed. Déjà vu anyone?

U.S. Common Sense

I enjoyed it. It made you really question who you should be cheering for: "young" Bruce Willis or "old" Bruce Willis. Both characters were trying to save their realities, and both had to make questionable decisions to do so.

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