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28 October 2012


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“Think back to what a really big war was like.”

Well, I think back often to my “big war.”

I know war. I know the terrors of war. Nevertheless mine was still far smaller in scope than the World Wars. Yet I knew war’s terror on a personal level, as does any experienced combatant.

While our troops may have seen and know war, most of our people have not experienced the countless terrors of war, thankfully. I sometimes think of Europe’s civilians on farms and towns on both the Eastern and Western fronts during the ‘Great Wars’. That was terror of the highest degree, with many non-combatants - including the old, the sick, women and children - suffering incredible atrocities and death. But it was still war, was it not?

The majority of Americans will never know how fortunate we are to have only endured the extremely rare and isolated acts of war on our soil in our lifetime. Nevertheless there are still some (too many of whom have never seen combat) who want to exaggerate our threats, and want to point out how unfortunate we are to the threats of terror to serve their own selfish, political purposes.

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