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26 September 2012


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Augustin L

Col Lang, I think this vile piece of s**t and people of his ilk should get their comeuppance once the general welfare of the republic is reinstaured according to the precepts outlined in the preamble of the consitution. I hear this chickenhawks teaches around my neck of the woods, when the shooting starts let's put him on the frontline. Btw I read one of your earlier posts where you stated how the United States could turn Iran into glass and nothing could be done about it. I beg to differ, your blog is an infinitesimal and embryonic example of what means could be used to respond to such a catastrophic attack. I can easily envision how a hundred million to five hundred million internet activists from around the world including the U.S. could coalesce around an open source project called: "destruction of the united states 3.0". With the advent of ambient intelligence i'm convinced such a project could not be stopped. The elimination of "proximity" also brought along the elimination of "distance". Aggregation and crowd-networking now brings the costs of complex endeavours almost down to zero, witness the inefficient global supply chain, where labour costs can theoretically go down to zero (law of single price). Compare this with the exponential growth and power of crowdsourcing. Complexity facilitates growth, but major blindness and drawbacks of complexity can also easily trigger collapse. After hubris comes nemesis. My two cents.


Do any of these "experts" have records of military service, combat or otherwise? Are any of their nearest and dearest active duty servicemen? Have any of them ever even used a firearm? I'm fairly certain this man would soil himself at the report of an automatic rifle and he probably passes out at the sight of his own blood. The streets of Washington DC are full of his type. It seems to me these people read books on military history and warfare with the same zeal and sense of perspective as a teenager playing Call of Duty on his Xbox. For them, the thrill of the sanitized version is enough confirmation in their minds that they have the fortitude to grapple with and even make the decision of sending other human beings into combat. It's no surprise that some of our most vocal advocates for peace are the men and women who have lived war. It's a shame that their perspectives are often viewed by the political elite as "unrealistic."


Go long on piano wire and street lights. They'll be in demand shortly.


Harper said...

“preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and triggering a regional nuclear arms race with countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt “

This line of arms race argument in reality is rather amusing.

Considering, the muslim SA and Eygpt having been on the opposite of Israel who has taken arab lands, and fought multiple wars. Yet, SA and Eygpt have no quarrels with the known Israeli nuclear arsenal. Nor has there been an arms race during the past decades as a result.

However, the Islamic Republic of Iran who according to IAEA and US NIE and others has not developed nuclear bombs, has not attacked arabs, nor has taken any of their lands, is somehow the cause for other Muslim nations to consider an arms race is beyond any reasonable logic. But somehow, the israeli/corp press in US has managed to make a reality of this nonsense.

Charles I

All you need to know was on display yesterday. Bibi has a bomb, and our PM Harper has just received, after burning many diplomatic bridges during his reign, an award as Statesman of the Year.


I hope there is indefinite detention and some waterboarding in this quislings future.

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