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11 September 2012


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"Peace in our time", eh?


Israel, of course, does have the capacity to destroy the Iranian nuclear program.

60 or 70 nukes, properly placed, should end Iran as a functioning country.

However, it turns out the threat to Israel is not grave enough to risk being turned out of the community of nations.



Yes, but as you say they don't have the b---s for that. That's why I left it out of my statment. pl


I am very pleasantly surprised by this development.



Oh you of many names here. To compare NazI Germany to Iran is so egregious that I will simply leave it to others here to deal with you. pl


Trust me, they have balls.

They want us to do their dirty work. That is balls.

But in terms of their own national interest -- they won't pull the trigger.

(Honestly, I think the only long term answer for the country is annexation to the US. The new purple dream)


The new Israelis seem to have more "heart" for killing kids than for fighting. They lost their a-s when they tried to fight Hizbullah in Lebanon in 2006. A lot of their problem was that their heroes did not want to go toe to toe with the enemy. pl

Babak Makkinejad

They do not have that many weapons.

Bruce Riedel has put their number closer to 16.

But, a single use of a nuclear weapon will be the last act of the State of Israel.

And they know it.

Babak Makkinejad

I have stated this elsewhere; Israelis do not like America; they would not want to be part of US.

They might seriously consider joining Germany though; they like her.

The best answer is the Hudan Offer of HAMAS; if it is still on the table.

If American leaders were smart; they would have taken that in a heart-beat.


TWV - Remember peace in Jerusalem lies via Baghdad, then Theran, then Damascus, then Beirut, then Cairo, then Riyadh, then....

Let's be pragmatic about about the reality of "peace in our times."


I wonder if it is possible that America would stop Israel if it tried to attack Iran? As for an Israeli nuclear attack, does Israel want to see Jews hanging from lamp posts around the world? Ask the Neturi karta rabbis.

Medicine Man

I'm not sure what the point would be. Mr. Vincent has many times proven impervious to information contrary to his biases.



We don't have any way to stop them. pl


Your act is getting old. Do you have some actual insights to provide?


My severely uninformed guess is that Ehud Barak still has political ambitions. Abandoning Bibi is a smart political move if one thinks that BHO is very likely to be reelected. Barak could become BHO's "friend" in the Israeli government.


Looks like Obama says 'no'. I wonder when the temper tantrum will erupt?:



Just in. BHO stiffs Bibi: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/09/11/us-israel-iran-netanyahu-idUSBRE88A10B20120911


At the risk of offending whoever let me say F the Israelis. I am tired of that pissant flea on the elephants ass sucking all the sense out of US ME FP.
It 'appears' Obama has called their bluff...I say appears.
If so, and we are not having to pay them off under the table with more US billions and concessions, then good.

Alliance with Israel...stupid,stupid,stupid...If I wanted to control and influence my neighborhood for some purpose would I chose as a ally and partner in my venture the one person most hated by everyone in the neighborhood. No I wouldn't.


"(Honestly, I think the only long term answer for the country is annexation to the US. The new purple dream)"

God forbid...don't even think it...the US is enough already unofficially Israel anyway.


Netanyahu: Those that refuse to set red lines for Iran can't give Israel red light, HAAREZT, Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Does Bibi know something we don't or he is just an idiot.


EL - Thanks for the catch of the day. Interesting article.

Tony - Clinton couldn't stand Yahoo, either.

Phil Cattar

Why would Israel want to be annexed? They would probably get less from us than they are getting now and may be asked to pay taxes?

Phil Cattar

Definitely think this is true.This is not your father,s Israel.I remember the 1967 war.It was only 21 years after the end of WW2 and there were fresh memories of that for most Israelis.Many had gone through the Holocaust or were aware of it.Israel is full of secular Jews who just want to live a comfortable life.The zeal and true believers are now living in southern Lebanon,Hizbullah.This is the impression I get from many conversations with many people of the Fertile Crescent who are always going there and coming back.My sister visited Israel last year and gave me antidotal informaton.I think that antidotal information is better than generally thought of by most people.............Kind of like Gladwell's book "Blink".

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