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13 September 2012


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Martin Oline

Bob is right. The British had nearly every "pundit" and publisher of influence on their payroll.


Am I correct, pl, in understanding you as saying it would be child'd play for the Mossad to gin this up? It would interesting to spell out some basics of how, for this with little experience in such realms.



No. pl

Neil Richardson

Noncombatant evacuation operations

The Twisted Genius

Noncombatant Evacuation Operation. This is the evacuation of nonessential personnel (civilian employees, dependents and even some military) from an area. This often refers to an embassy and other Americans in a particular area. These evacuations are ordered by the Department of State and accomplished by the military. The Defense Attaché coordinates the evacuation at the Embassy.

William R. Cumming

Fred! D DAY was June 6th 1944! Wilkie died of a heart attack making room for Dewey!

The NAZI effort in 1940 may have been larger financially than the Brits. And amazingly US investment in Germany in the 20's and 30's was larger than in Britain. The banking ties to Germany were also strong.

An interesting new book out is IN THE GARDEN OF BEASTS about the US Embassabor to Germany in the early 30's. Published 2011.

And Bob Randolph largely agree with you but Anglophobia was a larger factor in both wars then many know. It delayed entry of the US on the sides of the British in both wars. And of course in 1940-41 the Germans came much closer to victory over Britain than most Americans still alive know.

The problem of course is that both World Wars shaped MENA in strange ways up to the present.


Isn't the whole blowback the result of the current policy of supporting the very financiers of the Salafists, in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries?



You mentioned FDR's 1940 election where he won 439 electoral votes. Germany invaded and defeated France in May 1940, 5 months before that election. Though there was plenty of pro-German sentiment it was counterbalanced by both memories of WWI, fear of fascism and possibility of war – especially given German actions in Poland, Belgium, France etc. Willkie was not an isolationist though he was opposed to most of the New Deal, especially the TVA (and all the rest of the rural electrification programs that remade the South and formed the foundation of the industrialization happenin now) since Wilkie was CEO of an electric utility that provided – inadequately – electric power to the same region. The British had a much better releationship with US political and media figures.

Charles I

Perhaps Mursi is reacting to what another wants, according to his nature, as predicted by Pat.

I bet Mursi didn't make the movie but I'll wager whoever did was as cognizant of reality as Pat is.

Whoever green-lighted this screenplay surely wanted to intervene in the POTUS election and the Arab Spring Street. And they themselves are no doubt manipulated by their supporters/puppet-masters.

I just don't think it was written in Egypt.

Charles I

You don't even need a state or an institutional actor anymore. There is no Christian Zionist Politburo; there are many streams of wealthy whacked out ingenious and personable nabobs at the heart of civil society busily constructing a Dominion of Christian Capitalism. All connected to and relating to various other foreign fellows and foes.

They are able to harness, wield and focus enormous amounts of secular, intellectual, economic, political moral and religious energies with sustained discipline over generations, with access to the latest media technology and sundry levers of power. Not a vote amongst them.

They are the substance of books like Clifford Kiracofe's Dark Crusade, Jeff Sharlett's The Family, another I've touted here written by the disaffected son of founder the L'Arche movement in Switzerland, as well of course many others dealing with Jewish and Muslim actors.

Countries are just their workspace, and it has very little to do with governance, politics and international relations as we conceive them.

Or it could be Chinese - who don't lecture on human rights - just flipping the Arabs at an opportune hinge of history.

Many hands far apart pulling together unbeknownst to the whiole.

Charles I

Hi WRC thanks for the new book cite


Who at the US Embassy in Egypt is issuing 'tart' notes on Twitter? Just who's in charge in that Embassy? See page two.



One thing that is being missed in most analysis is that among Mursi's major rivals in the elections was the Saudi financed Salafi/Takfiri parties.

If Mursi is seen to cave into the US he risks being outflanked by the even more extreme Wahabi parties.
While the Saudi's provided financing to all the islamist parties, the Quatari's seemed to be Mursi's main backers, & the Saudi's are not happy with Mursi's attempts to cut their purse strings even further by looking for financing from China & elsewhere, as well as the attempts to position Egypt back as a regional leader.

As background, the Saudi's have been trying to export Wahabi ideology to Egypt since they first came to power, & it is one of their longest running foreign policy initiatives.
In recent decades they have finally been making serious headway, & I believe Wahabi influenced parties made up over 20% of the electorate in polls just before the elections (how accurate this was considering how dubious all the numbers were, & there seems to be many fewer Salafi's than that in reality; but it is a sign of how much influence they now possess.)

My personal take is that the Egytian "protests" were instigated by one of the Saudi factions, pushing one of the Takfiri parties into action.
This should really limit Mursi's manouvering room, & if similar flare-ups continue, really put a break on his attempts to position himself as regional leader & seek desperately needed foreign direct investment.

If he can't manage to get control of the Takfiri's directly, he'll likely have to go to the Saudi's cap-in-hand & beg the Saudi's to reign them in, a position the Saudi's seem to regard as the proper state of affairs.

The wildcard is can the Saudi's actually reign them in once they've been unleashed for long enough.

David J.

Here is a good resource to bookmark.

DOD Dictionary of Military Terms



It develops that the threee mightiest words in the English Language are "not an ally." The odor of departing greenbacks that emanated from those words wrought a wonder. Well, the map will be useful in the future. The hooligans were chanting "Obama, Obama, we are Osama," today. Good, that will clear things up for the targeteers. Rumor is that the State Department in Libya ignored varous warnings. "The people love us..." I have heard that many times. pl


So has anyone else heard that the Marines in Cairo are armed with less lethal ammunition?


The government says one thing, the people on the ground say another.



I ran the Defence Attache system worldwide. It doesn't matter. They cannot defend the embassy and the chief of mission will order them to surrender along with the Defense Attache Office. The DAO also have guns. pl



Point taken. I believe you said that the embassies were more or less 'indefensible' worldwide as well for any significant period of time.

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