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13 September 2012


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Mark Logan

Sir, you've found something remarkable.

A ship made of 1 5/8" Brazilian walnut! My shock is on the order of what the old sailors who made to China must have been when they saw sails made of heavy canvas silk must have been. It goes for over $10.00 a board foot these days. It wouldn't surprise me the least to see Gibson Guitars pick her up for the current asking price. Why, the USS Constitution would have to bow and hand over her nickname on a silver platter to this baby. One of a kind? No exaggeration.

Classy looking sweetheart, but I'm afraid the price reduction is a very strong indicator of a bad survey. I am reluctant to disrespect her further, but she is also narrow and with a stub keel. She was designed for getting into shallow places and looks to be a "roller". She would be utterly magnificent stripped of that paint and varnished though. I hope somebody does it.

Here is something more practical.



Damned nice catch there. You need someone to keep those diesel's going and is used to cramped spaces. Crew cabin aft? You'll need a few more bunks with this gang of volunteers. Somehow 'The Sea Wolves' comes to mind. Hopefully you have Commodore's pennant handy - and a name in mind?


Looks like Mr. Sadek has managed to deceive and slander all the actors, and endanger their lives as well.


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