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13 September 2012


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The Twisted Genius

Hopscotch has always been one of my favorites. How many times have I been tempted to start singing opera while crossing a border? And haven't we all known at least one weaselly little bastard like Myerson?

The Twisted Genius

Nah, they're just both packed with farcical absurdities. This latest one sounds a lot like "After the Fox" to me.

Medicine Man

El Oh El.


The True Voice of the Worlds Clandestine Community(?)

Clifford Kiracofe

"The anti-Islam film that's set off a firestorm in the Middle East was directed by a 65-year-old schlock director named Alan Roberts, we've confirmed. He's the creative vision behind softcore porn classics like The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood.

An Alan Roberts is listed as director on the film's casting calls and call sheets from the summer of 2011, back when it was innocuously called Desert Warriors.. Castmembers and crew told us yesterday that Roberts was brought on by producer "Sam Bacile" aka Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, and he muddled his way through a disorganized three-month shoot.

Next up is the financing to "follow the money"...any data yet?



Martin Blank? pl



I was thinking that a recoilless and a mortar would be useful. pl

SAC Brat

Isn't there more art in turning the pirates into your pirates? Granted, finesse cannot be applied to all situations.

SAC Brat

I'm not very smart, just somewhat resourceful.

Here's the original demotivational poster.


Charles I

John Cusak has played this motif many times in various forms, he was good in the Grifters a long while ago. Looking forward to some painful truths from him as an aging actor. Provided the planet doesn't explode.

Charles I

Can I smoke on watch, really heightens the senses in the dark?

Charles I

Saw on tv news it had been blocked in Libya and Egypt.

Charles I

wait a minute, I haven't even googled yet, but isn't Alan Roberts, or Alan Parson or Alan someboy a psuedonym for many a blacklisted screen-writer or director in the old days? checking now

Charles I

crikey! the chief Alan Roberts sources are gawker.com and vice.com, the latter claiming an anonymous brown envelope etiology, identifying Roberts as a Robert Brownell



Now you've got me all excited!

Jim Ticehurst

Pat...since my house was torn down so a Great Wall of China restaurant could be built...and my secretary ran off with my psychiatrist..I am ready for more adventure in my Life...I would like to apply to be a Crew member on the Old Dog ship of yours..I can play the Piano (middle name is SAM) Rig Sails...Drop Anchor,obey orders,Handle the Helm..know My Port (Red) from Starboard...(The side with the stars) and drink with the best of them..so I will stock the Bar..Be Bartender..and guard it against all Pirates with My Preferred Weapon..The 12 Gauge..at Point Blanke Range...Oh...and I have to bring my Cat...But...Like me..He has an attitude.

Mark Logan

A cook too, I hope.



Yes, we could fly from Singapore to Manado in Sulawesi, then pick up a Japanese trawler or suchlike in Bitung, The island and surroundings are heavenly, especially the diving. Its just all those javanese migrants...


Charles, you are thinking of Alan Smithee.


The area in question has more than its fair share of "privateers" I had a neighbour at one time, a member of a notable Australian crime family, who sailed that area plundering wrecks of their brasswork and dealing in arms and dope.

He was a nice guy, although the only one I know who had a sawn off shotgun in his kitchen drawer. The state police sent a fifty man detail to arrest him after a boat he co owned was caught with Five tons of Marijuana on board off California. He was extradited, tried and was acquitted.

If you go far enough North you can meet the Moros - fiercely Islamic and pirates for centuries. They hid my Dad from the Japanese for the best part of a year around 1941 - 42.


CHarles, you might be thinking of "Alan Smithee" the psuedonym used when someone realises they have directed or produced a stinker.


Mondoweiss is reporting that the film was bankrolled(?) by an organisation called "Media For Christ" headed by an Egyptian Coptic Christian by the name of Joseph Abdelmasih. He may also be an associate of Pamela Geller. Morris Sadek may also have been involved


Mark Logan

I don't believe the condition of any fool with a camera and web access being able to incite massive numbers of people to riot can last for long. It seems just far too silly.

I think the ship should have gun'ls. Can't have our boarders crouching behind life-lines. Brigantine rigged, if possible. There was a boat recently made called the Millennium Falcon which pioneered the hardware of roller-furling on yard arms, so no worries.


The English dubbing, as I stated before, is by a person who is native Hebrew speaker.

From the little I have seen, it wasn't much admittedly, the actors had to use some odd type of accent, which usually is not done. Thus it should have puzzled them ... But it also seems they weren't given much time to prepare and ask questions.

But could you explain how you arrived at the conclusion the dubbing was done by a native Hebrew speaker?



What do you think of this one. we could improve it a little. Lots of deck space on this one.



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