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27 September 2012


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Charles I

and what national interest of the U.S. would more dead soldiers in Iraq exactly serve at this juncture? Stay behinds to shoot down the IDF?

al spafford


Scrolled thru the AM Joe web site. Can't stand to stomach the whole show this early in the AM!



scroll to the "Struggle for Iraq" under "Latest Clips"


I find it hard to express my respect for the Colonel.

He's a man who knows Semitic languages far, far better than i ever could --


Andrea Mitchell - "Obama bashing"?
Somewhere pigs are flying.



IMO it is ungentlemanly to call her that. Don't you ever listen to her? On any subject not connected to Israel she is a liberal. pl

Pirate Laddie

Dear Andrea's loyalties are a bit, "mixed," shall we say. Remember, she's the loving and supportive spouse of Alan Greenspan (of the Ayn Rand school of economic armageddon) as well as a well-fed critter of the on-going Zionist lebensraum initiative in occupied Palestine.
I kinda feel that her loyalties lie more with the likes of Sheldon Adelson than with Barack Obama. At the same time, she likes to dine at the liberal table on a regular basis. Being an ideologue, and fully tenured as a media talking head, she easily rises above the "conflict."


I'm sorry to disagree, but Zionism does not equal Liberalism.

If AM was liberal, she' d be talking about the Palestinians...


I would not call her positions on cuts to SS and Medicaid "liberal", but be that as it may......

Col, could you believe your ears with the Maliki "literally got down on his knees to plead" line? Can you believe this crap?


Retrospective discussions of Iraq (rare as they are) increasingly are taking on characteristics of the "who lost China" debate years ago. This is due in part to our inability to accept failure, in part to no serious national 'closure' on the issue, and in part to the Phoenix-like rising of neo-con ideas and ever aspiring personalities. Others, the rest of the establishment, have cast it into oblivion. A few months back, I attended a large meeting at the Atlantic Council on issues of energy security and the Middle East came up.It was dominated by the usual gung-ho, pro-active, can-do mentality which presumed our ability to shape things politically across the region. When I made a pertinent comment that included reference to Iraq, a chill went through the room. I was the skunk at the garden party. Nobody achnowledged or responded to what I said.


Interesting on the tape Gordon say something to the effect that Maliki wanted an executive agreement between Iraq (Maliki) and the US and not something he would have to submit to his parliament (and thus be legally binding). Andrea Mitchell comments that there is concern over Iran's influence in Iraq and Maliki's ties to Iran (7:00 minutes in).

Don't these people understand the implications of what they just said? A 'gentleman's' (executive) agreement with Maliki? Leave 16,000+ troops in Iraq trusting to Maliki's word? Further Israel (and this cast of characters) want's the US to bomb Iran - which has 'influence' in Iraq? Just how many dead US soldiers are enough for these war mongers?



You are not disagreeing. There are many who are liberal on everything but Palestine. pl


If BHO is re-elected there will be war with Iran.

If WMR is elected, there will be war with Iran.

Red or Blue, a Dragon is still a Dragon.

BTW, the economy appears to be tanking into a double-dip and course it's GWB's fault.


mbrenner: Never underestimate our amazement/disappointment that the Iraqis--after prolonged exposure to us--did not seem grateful.

We are a nation scorned.


Col: Yes, it's called PEP (Progressive Except for Palestine).

Synonym: Democratic Member of Congress

Antonym: Ex-Member of Congress


Also called a "BG"—Bibi groupie.


Forgot to add, the more she talks about this nonsense, the less we look at durables orders, GDP fall, debt, etc.

She knows exactly what she is doing.


Col. Lang:

If memory serves the SOFA was signed by Bush?

Stephen Jones (not the ambassador)

Mitchell had her pal Dennis Ross on her show on MSNBC today too. He was very careful with his wording, but clearly he remains first and foremost a servant of the rightwing forces in Israel, trumping the legitimacy of any 'service' he may render to the US on matters related to the Middle East'.

I met Andrea Mitchell in DC in the mid-'80s when I lived there. At that time she worked for a local news channel and I thought then she had the ability to be a great reporter. Sadly, after marry alan greenspan and chumming around with the DC pundit class and their pseudo-aristocratic friends, she succumbed to the lure of that insular social strata and is now, as a centrist type masquerading as a diligent 'progressive', a mere shadow now of what she could have been.


Does any one have any comments on Bibi's U N speech? I liked the red line on the egg shaped bomb.

FB Ali


I think Bibi fouled up big time. He drew the red line AFTER the 'final stage (90% enrichment)' and BEFORE it is converted into a bomb!

That is the position that Obama seems to be taking: No bomb! It is certainly not what Bibi has been saying - and said earlier in his speech.

Obvious clunk-head!

Mark Logan

It's not just FOX and MSNBC too. Saw David Gergen (house "wise man") on AC360 earlier this week wringing his hands in dismay at Obama and Bibi apparently not liking each other.

His comments took completely for granted this condition could not be anything other than evidence of a serious flaw in a US President. Nobody questioned that. I didn't see the slightest indication any of the other talking heads suspected anything odd in that at all.

The Iranians must decide their own course, but I hope they do not delude themselves about something. IMO, would right now be so easy for a US President to lead this nation into war against them, perhaps they should ponder whether or not a President can stop that from happening instead.



Here's a visual representation of liberal Jewish doublethink.



Yes, indeed he did. He signed both the SOFA and the strategic cooperation agreement. The raqis nwatly put paid to the further presence f US troops by refusing to sign the SOFA. The 300 odd pwople we have there have the status of diplomats under the Vienna Convention. I suppose Maliki cold have been taken hostage until he signed. Short of that... pl


Obama take this country to war with Iran? Yeah, all we need is another trillion dollars thrown at a bee hive in a quagmire that is the 4th largest producer of industry's honey.

Not a big fan for other reasons but unlike "W" Obama is no fool. Not saying we would have $10 gas and rationing but $4.50 gas in this economy would be economic and therefore political suicide, and $4.50 gas for a while would be the optimistic scenario.

Bibi is bluffing and takes a craven stance, trying to get his "friends" in a bar-room brawl while he sits it out. Didn't most of us know a punk like this in our youth?

Israel is going to have to make an effort to get along with their neighbors, an Iranian nuke may be the best incentive.

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