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16 September 2012


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Just consider Pakistan. For instance:


The standard reaction to this is not Islam, there are some hidden "real issues" involved.

I think the issue is - how do we see ourselves. Are we what we believe, or what we do? Muslims believe that they are what they believe, and what they believe in is perfect Islam. So they fall into the "no true Scotsman" fallacy ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_true_Scotsman )

I think other societies fall into this fallacy to a lesser extent because e.g., there is no excuse such as "No True American would do this". This is what we believe and that is what we do, and we are not defined purely by our ideals but also by what we do; and when they are not commensurate, we get into a big debate and there is a reform effort.

Babak Makkinejad

This problem was there even before the Partition. Any attempt, by human beings or the state, to define who is or is not a Muslim will lead to sedition and eventually Civil War.

The best approach is to assume that every one is a Muslim until and unless denied by that person.

Note that per Muslim scriptures and traditions, Jews, Sabeans, Zoroastrians, and Christians are also Muslims.


Perhaps slightly off topic or not. Large natural gas deposits off Lebanon and Israel's coast but the politics of the region inhibit exploitation - for now.


Col., FYI it turns out that Iraq is expected to be the fastest growing economy in the world over the next two years. Go figure. http://www.equities.com/news/headline-story?dt=2012-11-25&val=752267&cat=energy



Yes. It will be a place where we failed to dominate the situation and that has a lot of money. We set the economy back but it is recovering. it would have been prosperous under any government if not interfered with. Go figure what? pl


I was in India earlier this month and was surprised at how tightly India and Iraq are cooperating.

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