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05 September 2012


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The media and even most American politicians qualify Syria as "Iran's closest ally". That's inaccurate. Thanks to OIF, Iraq is now Iran's closest ally.


So, "Deputy Dog" (Jon Stewart's pet name for him) "hopes this is cleared up quickly." Do the fabulous threesome, (McCain, Lieberman and Graham) realize how foolish they look and how much they are being mocked by Maliki and Company? Do they? Have they no pride? Have they no shame? Perhaps they are taking lessons in foreign affairs from Bibi and the other Lieberman. That pair have done so well with their BHO relationship

Respectfully, they are good at doing what they are told to do.

I posted, a while back, about the ease of Iran resupplying its interested actors via Iraq. Short of starting a war, there few options available to us.

The Chinese, IMHO, are the real winners in this folly of ours.


Re: PL comment.



Regarding Clinton in China, my impression was that the Chinese are much, much more piqued by what they percieve as US meddling in their sovereign right to control the South China Sea as their own feifdom.

Regarding Iran, this tidbit from yesterday's New York Times opinion page shows why we are backing one brand of Islamist:

"Some in Congress worry whether Mr. Morsi will abide by the peace treaty with Israel, and there are legitimate concerns about his harsh treatment of critics of the news media and whether he means to represent fairly all Egyptians, including Christians. But he has, so far, upheld the peace treaty, handled a militant attack in the Sinai Peninsula reasonably well and, on a trip to Tehran last week, publicly lambasted the Iranian leaders for supporting President Bashar al-Assad of Syria."

So what if they off a few dissidents, did you see him tweak the Iranians?


This article regarding further recent currency devaluations for Iran may be relevant. One wonders who is funding Syria's government, the potential impact of sanctions on Iran's economy and Egypt's negotiation with Iran about buying oil while requesting an IMF loan concurrently while the US forgives Egyptian debts.

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