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06 September 2012


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I saw the interview with Congresswoman Clarke was floored by the ignorance of this representative elected by people who must consider her smart enough to serve them. Colbert, by continually referring to "1898" and "slavery in NY," gave her many opportunities to realize her mistake and correct herself. She didn't but her face showed she knew she was being mocked but couldn't figure out why. The interview was just another confirmation that our institutions are corrupted workstations for the incompetent.
The Dailey Show and Colbert Report are my conduits to the conventions. I don't want to waste too much time watching our democracy disintegrate.


Col: You seem to be partial to English actresses of Irish heritage. Can't fault your taste.

If eyebrows were weapons, Ms. Dockery would be a superpower.


US "democratic democracy" in action:


very, very funny


The Democratic idea of'toleration' goes out the window when you start talking about mainstream American culture and what they call 'flyover country' and that if you don't agree with them you are a racist evil bigot.


If she had been educated in Jamaica the odds are she would know better.



Yum. pl


I find these two shows unwatchable. never got through a segment with either gentleman. They are a metaphor for me, of the times.



In my opinion, they are reincarnations of the great satirists of our language tradition, whether they were in the 17th, 18th or 19th centuries. Do you like Mark Twain? How about HL Mencken, the sage of Baltimore. pl

Al Spafford

A couple surveys I've read indicated that regular viewers of Stewart score significantly higher than non-viewers on knowledge of current events. And, even much higher than that of regular Fox News viewers. "Cause and effect" might not necessarily be Stewart educating, but his attracting more knowledgeable viewers. As an infrequent viewer of Stewart/Colbert, I prefer the satire of Colbert as a fake conservative when I do take the time to view. I would hope that my more frequent viewing of your site elevates me over the Stewart viewers!


Took the time to watch these both. The bubbly act got old quick, as did the male bashing. Interesting write up on the Senator in the wiki. No wonder there's a reference to her being called Tracy Flick:

I think the word that describes her best is 'ruthless' as allot of well placed NY Democrats found out when Governor Patrick appointed her to the vacant seat. I'm sure she's going places.


Come now Tyler, as John Stewart pointed out men like us will always be needed to open jars and such things. Ain't it grand to be in the 49%? The only thing missing from her act was the hair flip.



Its a shame Mencken's work doesn't get further audience. Apparently the academic thought police have decided he is anti-Semitic and therefore only worthy of long winded scorn.


Open jars and other things when this entire house of cards collapses around our ears.


I do love Twain, just got the autobio, looking forward to it. Love Mencken, loved the Rogers bio on him.

I don't want to write an essay on Stewart and Colbert. (actually, I DO want to write one but I'm not sure I have the talent).

I find them insufferably smug. I find them masters of easy targets. I find them predictable. I find Stewart too--embarrassingly--groveling to anything in a uniform. Indeed, I find him that way on any middle class institution, god, church, or apple pie. Sure...he'll throw a jab or two at those subjects...but no kill blows. Like Twain and Mencken were masters at delivering. When they were coming after you....they were coming to with serious intent. They--Twain and Mencken--knew exactly where the 'line' was drawn...and reveled in crossing it. Boldly. Stewart and Colbert are corporate entertainers, at the end of the day. They know where the line is drawn...and rarely seem to cross it. To the limited extent, it must be admitted, that I watch them. I mostly watch them on videos my friends send me thinking i must love them.

Twain and Mencken? Great all around chefs. Stewart and Colbert? Good--perhaps very good-pastry chefs.

But in the end I can't take laughing at all the stuff.I become embarrassed. The stuff is not funny...it is the signal the Republic is dying.


Thanks for the correction, that's what I get for blogging @ 1am.

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