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11 September 2012


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This was likely not about some alleged movie but staged by some group who has an interest in pissing the U.S. off.

I really don't know the answer but might it be a better tactic be to not give in to those who want a conflict?

The Moar You Know

"Cut off their money. Wthdraw the embassy."

Needs to happen as of yesterday. I have often claimed Obama is a smart guy. Now is the time for him to prove it, because the next step, as you note, is seizure of the embassy and it's 1980 all over again. Obama would lose by a landslide.



NO! That kind of cowardice will lead to an embassy seizure. The group involved is Mursi's Administration. if it were not, the Egyptian government would have effectively defended the embassy. Let us hear MURSI's apology. Now! pl


President Mohamed Mursi is sending a message to everyone on Earth with this move. Let him take care of his own people, we'll take care of ours.


Agree! This is the type of stuff that will only escalate.

I don't know how the Marines kept their cool with a blood mob in the breach. I give the Embassy less than 60 days until something very bad happens.

If I was active duty the two things that would be super undeniably bad assignments would be:

1. be assigned to train Afghanistan troops
2. guard the U.S. Egyptian embassy

William R. Cumming

Events may yet decide the Presidential election IMO!

For example what would happen if it was revealed that the USA Federal Reserve was loaning funds to the ECB to save EU and Euro?

Or that loans to Detroit were now being written off by the US Treasury?

Or that HEDGE FUNDS are still not taxed or regulated? Derivatives also?

War over Taiwan? Or certain islands?

USA formal intervention in Syria?


And this Black Flag... isn't it what Al-Qaeda flies?
Or is it generic salafi?


I wonder what the internal Embassy reaction was? Did they fire up the bank of shredders -- do they still have that arrangement -- and start wiping the hard drives? I know they evacuated dependents and a lot of personnel during the uprising, and I would be curious whether Cairo will become a no-dependents or no-dependents-under-21 post after this.

Jose L Campos

Seems to me that formerly subservient people are no longer
awed by the "West". Perhaps something like this happened in July '89.
It is a diffuse feeling but nevertheless it is there.


Cut off the money?

I don't think so, unless you are going to cut off everyone else's also.
Meanwhile let's not imitate the Israel childish and low class pettiness by putting Mursi in a child's chair and making him apologize to the US for what 'some" did to insult the US as Israel did to the Turkish Abm. Unless of course we want even more anti US attitudes and to stir the shit pot even more. Mursi is most likley already apologizing or offering 'regrets' thru official channels.

What movie is this uproar about anyway?...does it actually exist ....and if so who is producing it .... we have all seen umpteen examples of these kind of incitements in the past done deliberately and know the usual suspects.

Everyone knows that religious fanatics are fanatics, Koran book burning evangelicals, Jewish terrorist settlers in the name of G-D and their bible deed, extreme Islamist, they are all alike. Poke a fanatic and you will get a response and counter attack on the handiest target...in this case in Egypt on the US as the sources of the movie. Dumb, but fanatics are dumb.



Could you say a few words about the possible motivations of Mursi/MB in giving at least its tacit support - if not encouragement - to this action


Someone else has woken up about Syria and its rebels.

Col. Lang for Under Secretary of State for the middle east!



I wonder why the generals sat around and let this happen? They get the biggest slice of US money. Or at least they used to ... since they can't be trusted to protect the embassy, I agree, it's time to cut them from their funds.

Let China pay their tab for a while.



You are right. I read somewhere that Republicans made a deal with the mullahs in Iran back in 1980 and turn out of the events won them the presidency. Democrats must be a dumb as a carrot if they fall for it again.

Gorgon Stared

Off topic, but thought you might be thrilled who is working on a memoir as a vehicle to a 2016 Presidential run

Pirate Laddie

You ever read the "after action" of the Paki attack upon and burning of the US Embassy, back in '79? These things are never properly thought thru ahead of time; it's criminal when such baiting of an empire in decline is not met with massive firepower & area denial techniques. BTW --once again, it's religiously driven, further proof that these fundamentalists have been cut too much slack.
Send 'em all to Allah.


Libyans angry over the same movie set fire to the US consulate in Benghazi.



Absolutely cut off the money! These are not little children and you are not their nanny."The others will suffer!" Which others? My god! What are you going to do, bend over for them? IMO this was a dry run to gauge US Government reaction. The best is yet to come. pl


Mursi/MB are riding a tiger in Egypt and throughout the Muslim world. They were elected to create a Salafist (larger sense) sharia law state. There are still many people who are against this kind of thing in Egypt. The US did everything it could to deter such people from revolt but they are still there. Mursi needs to keep burnishing his Salafist credentials with his base. This means defiance of the West, particularly America, and the norms of Western behavior such as our belief in freedom of speech and the law involved in the Vienna Convention. A confrontation with the US just fits the bill. He has been to Riyadh and Teheran recently. Who knows how much money he has been promised in support of such a crisis with the US? Don'r forget. The Saudis play it both ways, always. Mursi and company also understand very well how delicate BHO's position is this close to a very nearly tied election. Last and by no means least, Mursi is not a "rational choice" kind of guy, He is a fanatic. pl

The Moar You Know

History can only teach those who choose to pay attention. It is sadly obvious that our friend Cal has not been paying attention. At all.

If Obama/State isn't evacuating that embassy right now, they are much stupider than I thought.


Sounds like it was just a flag inscribed with the Muslim profession of faith.

That flag is not the problem, the red, white, and blue one that was seized on diplomatically immune territory and burned is the problem.

This could get out of hand.



I think the Benghazi attack is particularly telling. Good thing we supported those "pro-American democrats" to the hilt!


Gee, what a surprise:
Weasel-infested State Dept. apologizes to mob that storms US Embassy.

State Dept. motto:
"Apologies R' Us".



"This could get out of hand." No. They have the initiative and will do what thei wich to do. IMO the BHO Administration will do nothing. pl


The purported movie that is starting the wildfire is a very revisionist history on Mohammed and a vile caricature. I can understand why it has incited the Muslim youth. BHO will lose any lead he had on Romney unless he reacts quickly by clearing out his ME embassies and takes actions against the idiot(s) who are pushing this film. It will be a very interesting week and the ME will be on fire unless quick action is taken. This is not a time to procrastinate.

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