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06 September 2012


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To win reelection, Obama needs 41 percent of the white vote and 85 percent of the non-white vote (with a high turnout near 2008). His polling numbers among Jewish voters is down by about 10 points, from the mid-70s percent in 2008 to the mid-60s this time (polling data from comparable points in the campaign). Everything that Obama does is calculated to his reelection, even matters of war and peace. Will Bibi read the bully operation at the Dem Convention, which was fully backed by Obama to reinstate the Jerusalem capitol plank, as a rebuff to Dempsey? BTW, Vice Chairman of the JCS, Admiral James Winnifeld, is in Israel right now meeting with counterparts. Hopefully he is reinforcing Dempsey's warning, which has truly hit Israel like a bomb.


I think "Liberal" would be more accurate than "left". One would be hard pressed to find a "Communist" or a "Socialist" in the modern Democratic Party.



I do not agree. The views of many of the people on exhibit at Charlotte go far beyond any reasonable definition of "liberal." This is just as true as the obvious truth that many of the illiterati on display at Tampa merited something more than "conservative." pl


No socialists in the Democrat party?
Take a look at this video.



The Dems are diversity on steriods, I am gaging from hearing about every single issue voter niche 24/7..not that I am against their 'rights' whatver they are, but I'm sick to death of hearing about it and the entire party built around 1,001 niche groups.
I don't know what the repubs are except even worse in the opposite way.
No one to vote for.
Do I have a 'hopefully' no more ME wars choice besides Obama?

Buzz Meeks

The "vote" reminded me of anti-Soviet propaganda films I saw in school as kid. AIPAC said jump, the ward-heelers and touts asked how high. Zio-fascism in the open and the delegates roll over and get punked without a whimper or a damn fight.



Yes, a shameful thing. To make all this even more shameful, Chris Matthews, the whirling dervish of the Democratic Party, asked a black army retired soldier with a cap, if he had been in VN. The man said "two years." "Were you in it?" meaning "in the shit." The soldier said yes. The swine draft dodger, Matthews, is beneath contempt. pl

Medicine Man

It really is machine politics. The Ron Paul delegates got treated in a similar way at the RNC convention. No room for dissent anywhere, apparently.

Phil Cattar

If I did not know better I would swear that the ghost of Benzion Netanyahu ,the recently deceased 102 year old father of Benjamin Netanyahu,visited Obama in a dream.Anyway................somebody or something got to him.


Either way we're voting Israel 2012 apparently.

The Democrats are learning that no matter how big you think your tent is, eventually it starts getting crowded.

The beaver

May be the Mayor of Chicago got to him. After his speech at the Convention he told the NPR people that he will be on the road raising money for the campaign. I guess he knows which doors to open but he needs something in return!!!



All he has to do is ask Lester Crown. pl

The beaver


May be Emanuel was the messenger and that's why we saw that flip-flop.



Yup. without any evidence I would guess that is what happened. pl

The beaver



Multiple sources told The Cable that several lawmakers pressed the White House directly Wednesday, including Reps. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), Shelley Berkley (D-NV), Steve Israel (D-NY), Eliot Engel (D-NY), and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY).


AIPAC still owns the politicos !

The Moar You Know

As a Dem, that was one of very few disappointing moments during the convention. The crowd's reaction to it was awesome, though, painfully obvious where the party stands as opposed to where the party leadership stands.

Obama doesn't want to lose one single vote. That's smart politics. I think from what we've seen over the last three and a half years that it's safe to say that no matter what's in the platform, Obama's not going to go out of his way to do Israel, and specifically Bibi, any favors.

Still want to know what Bibi pulled that's gotten Obama so pissed. He's never struck me as the angry type, but boy, it's obvious that Netanyahu got under his skin but good.


Wish I could recall something more specific, but I seem to remember there was an exchange very early in his term when Netanyahu tried to tell him what to say, essentially to speak for him, while standing next to him at a public event. If I were in BHO's place that might do it for me.
As would N's mobilizing every available official domestic group and person to work against Obama from the get-go, poisoning the well, as it were. No specific information on that, though; just what seemed palpable.

Plus apparently N. has a habit of yelling at recent American emissaries-- I can't imagine the latest time was the only one. And who knows what a guy like him might have said directly to Obama. Maybe Woodward will let us know?

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