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12 September 2012


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Try http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3036789/ and scroll down for the clip with Joe Klein.





That particular clip's url appears to be http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3036789/#49001490 that should lead you directly to the video clip.

Hope this is helpful.


Romney just continued the lie that the statement was made after the breach of the Embassy.


Quelle surprise! Bibi begins his mission to scramble the US Presidential election. I thought he'd wait till October, but he must sense that his old Wall Street buddy Mitt is about to go under. I'm sure Bibi has more to do for Mitt like, maybe, trying to irritate Iran into retaliation. I wonder what Ehud Barak will do now. It's gonna get real messy!


From Jake Tapper:
"After the attack, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo (@USEmbassyCairo) wrote:”Of course we condemn breaches of our compound, we’re the ones actually living through this.” And it stood by its previous statement, tweeting “Sorry, but neither breaches of our compound or angry messages will dissuade us from defending freedom of speech AND criticizing bigotry.”


I continually wonder why Donny Deutsch is on the program and why they include him in discussions other than business. He clearly is a hack for the Likudniks and knows zilch about foreign policy and national security matters. His comments on national security are sophomoric and naive, if not outright ridulous. Today was just another episode, in his asking asinine questions.

The speakers also ripped Romney for his inappropriate and untimely comments on the deaths of the four U.S. diplomats in Benghazi. His comments only underscored how unready for prime time he is on foreign affairs and national security.


i must say, i was pleasantly surprised by joe klein's comments leaving no doubt what netanyahu was up to.

too bad scarborough and meeka were absent...


Romney has said a couple times that Israel is a sovereign country that can do as it pleases, and that he would essentially outsource his Middle East foreign policy to Bibi.

Obama can reply to that that the US, too are a sovereign country, and that Bibi - after all a foreign head of state - electioneering for his opponent, let alone determining US Middle East policy, is anathema to the idea of American sovereignty. And that from a country that receives $ X billion dollar in annual aid from the US ...

Now that would be a message I can imagine to resonate with US conservatives.

That is an argument that may, if Obama has the balls to pursue it, gravely hurt Romney. And rightly so. Romney's craven pandering is revolting.

If only, if only it wasn't for the AIPACers in the Democratic party, who, with their substantial leverage, made a mockery of process at the democratic convention by inserting quite brazenly pro-Zionist language into the democratic platform ... so that was what two thirds sounded like? Seriously? LOL! That's chutzpah all right.


Hmmmm, let me get this straight. A hundred Jewish Americans raise $5 million to create a two hour movie about Mohammed that was finished in 2011 and has shown one time to a "mostly empty theater."

In the midst of a hotly contested US presidential campaign--one in which the Prime Minister of the Israeli state is taking what can only be considered an unseemly interest--a fourteen minute trailer suddenly shows up on Cairo TV.

Makes one think of the "Polish" broadcasts from the radio station at Gleiwitz on 1 September, 1939. It's a good thing I'm not conspiracy minded or I would worry that I was seeing an information operation of breathtaking chutzpah.


After Romney's widely criticized remarks on the Cairo and Benghazi attacks (even Mark Halperin was aghast), it now appears that Bibi has chosen to ride a lame horse. And Romney's remarks has completely stepped on the Bibi "snubbed" story. Good work Mitt!


That Netanyahu has over stepped himself comes as no surprise. He has been riding an ever rising egomaniacal wave - egged on by the usual suspects in the US. Obama's weakness over the past 3+ years on every front doubtless has encouraged this recklessness. That record may also have inspired Mitt Romeny's arrogance which grows daily. They're both destined for a fall - harder than they can imagine.

Is this Obama's adoption of Mohammed Ali's "rope-a-dope" strategy vs George Foreman? I think not. Ali actually planned it in adavnce. Also, he was able to deliver the knockout blow when the opportunity presented itself. Obama, by contrast, is just being his inept self. Luckily, the other guys have felled themselves without Obama laying a glove on them.



October is weeks away; yet the Surprises are erupting; all in Mitt’s direction.

The President’s strength is supposed to be foreign policy. Except; Bibi laid out the red line in Iranian sand; vote for Mitt for Israel. Rising food prices and the expanding endless war from Afghanistan to Mali is birthing more blowbacks. Mobs attacked the US Embassy in Cairo and the Consulate in Benghazi killing the US Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans. If Israel attacks Iran, an explosion across the Muslim World is to be expected.

Corporate Democrats who include the President and the mayor of Chicago just before the election managed not to settle with the Teacher Union and screw Chicago students and parents. Smooth move to piss off a major Democratic constituent. You’d think that after seeing what happened to the last DC mayor, Adrian Fenty, who lost because he took on the teachers union and ultimately the students and their parents who vote, they would know better. They don’t.

The lust for money and power is so great that the Elite couldn’t give a damn for the millions being screwed by commodity speculation, loss of jobs, crony capitalism, climate change and never ending wars. In their gated communities and Gulfstream jets, they have lost touch with reality.

William R. Cumming

Increasinglly clear that Romney is poorly briefed perhaps almost as badly as President Obama who failed to anticipate Islamic outings on 9/11!

The beaver

Mr Basilik

"In the midst of a hotly contested US presidential campaign--one in which the Prime Minister of the Israeli state is taking what can only be considered an unseemly interest--a fourteen minute trailer suddenly shows up on Cairo TV."

That's my thought also since it looks like Sam Bacile (Italian family name) is a ghost - nothing about him in the movie database according to Hollywood reporter nor in the realestate who's who in California. It's either Steve Klein and/or Morris Sadek working on behalf of Clarion Fund.

They are working hard (since MR does not know his toes from his head wrt Foreign policies and politics) to "drown" Obama and push for Likud agenda.


"Bigotry". Give me a fucking break.


With NASA turned into a Muslim outreach program, is it surprising that Obama failed to anticipate this? Not that I think Reaction Romney will be any better.


Max Blumenthal on Steve Klein



Col Lang,
I seem to recall that Andrea Mitchell's current bed mate, Alan Greenspan, used to be enthralled by Ayn Rand. I have no idea what that means but I find the connections extremely interesting.


Romney really stepped in it today, speaking before the facts were in, instantly applying a partisan-political lens.... As my fellow Bay Staters have discovered, the more you get to know Mitt, the more and more you grow to despise this gutless coward and sycophant, who had the temerity to insult the very state he was governing in order to appease the GOP rubber chicken circuit back in 2005-7.

I also confess to being puzzled by various unexplained references to Obama's ineptitude and "weakness", on foreign policy I'm presuming. I'm certainly not a fan of a great deal of it, esp. the Afghan "surge" (wtf?) as well as the drone war in the Yemen. But I would ask the honorable ladies and gentlemen assembled here at SST to, in short, Consider the Alternative: a draft-dodging chickenhawk so beholden to the Neocons that he has essentially outsourced US Middle East policy to failed Bushistas like Dan Senor. I ask the community here if they truly believe that Romney -- after running a slipshod convention and today, a slip-shod campaign -- would have the ability to run a foreign policy that was strong and effective, the ability to say 'no' to his jacobinical advisers? I think that those familiar with the thoroughly craven Mr. Romney will be inclined to doubt this ability.


As everyone's been reporting, "Sam Bacile" is a pseudonym. His first name isn't really "Sam." It's "Im."

Brian ONeill

BiBi must be pretty desperate to pull this stunt. His ham-handed interference in the US presidential election is as crude as it is stupid. Not exactly likely to improve his relationship with Obama after the latter wins the election in November.

Brian O'Neill a.k.a. "Redhand"


Yea, things are great for Mitt. He has Palin, John Kyle, Rush and Noot.

Charles I

BiBi is far from desperate - haven't you seen him on the airwaves lecturing the planet backstopped by the righteous support of the World Statesman of The Year winner, our own Little Stevie Harper, the One Man Moral Scourge of the Ayatollahs?


Of course the award comes some American Rabbi rather than the World itself. Nonetheless, who could be desperate with that kind of imprimatur. No, when I look into BiBi & Stevie's eyes I see the kind of certainty that makes me desperate.

The beaver

Mr "Islamicism" thinks that every other country will follow him. Wonder what Mr Kibbutz Baird will say at the UNGA since Stevie is too busy to mingle with the other leaders.

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