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06 September 2012


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The Twisted Genius

As a son of a tool and die maker and master mechanic at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, I am always enthralled by these feats of mechanical inventiveness and resourcefulness. I'm glad the article reminded us of the accomplishments of the astronauts and ground grew of Apollo 13.

On a lighter note, here's another problem solver and fixer in action:



Hello, Sir:

Humans are essential because they can do one thing that robots cannot: respond to the unknown with innovation. I'm less sold on the ISS though, because it is to a large degree absent from the public consciousness.

The bean counters that approve the financing for space exploration are going to continue to view it as something of a luxury until the body politic regains some enthusiasm for it.



i use a sonic toothbrush to do all kinds of repair work- like unsticking kuerig coffee makers or cleaning light switches in rental properties.

The Twisted Genius


Now if you were a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, you could use your sonic screwdriver.


If one could only fix a modern car with something other than a toothbrush....

Brad Hoss

Just out of curiosity, would they use a toothbrush on (http://www.dentalimplantstempe.com/Procedures_DentalImplants_1619928.aspx) dental implants in space? Or would they use a different type of cleaning method? I know a few people in Mesa who've wanted to go up into space. But they haven't yet.

Bill Shields

I'm pretty sure that if my (http://www.chinookdental.com) dentist saw this, he would laugh his head off. Not many people I know here in Calgary would actually believe that a toothbrush would be able to fix a spacestation.

Elijah Ali

That is so cool! Who would have thought that a toothbrush would have saved the day! http://abledentalgroup.com/

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