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31 August 2012


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Excellent, Colonel. Now that could be a watershed moment.


Now there is a suggestion that no American can argue with!


If your last paragraph came true that would be a real game changer. I'd love for Obama to do it. I've had enough of that bully Yahoo. He thinks he is the superior power not the USA.


Agree - but not a snowball's chance in Hell if his doing it. The thought, I'm sure, would never even cross his mind.

The Netanyahu threat is not credible. Very few American Jews will shift their electoral preference under his orders.
They know that Obama will not sell out Israel,enjoyable as it is to hear their own voices complaining that he's not a true friend of Israel. Besides, they know in their bones how dangerous this could be for their position in the US - loyalty to which is not just a matter of calculated interest anyway. Netanyahu, though, may have come to believe in his own fantasy - I hope that he does and acts on it.


I'm with you. Blackmail is called "black" for a reason. It doesn't stand up well to sunlight. If BHO communicates that he will take this course I double dog dare Bibi to try it.

The Twisted Genius

General Martin Dempsey is making me awfully damned proud to be an Army officer.



You've got that right. pl


I like it! I don't think Bibi would dare, at least, I hope not. I really despise that guy.


I disagree with mbrenner's assurance that an appreciable number of American Jews do not fear Obama will "sell out" Israel, what with their complexes and all.
However there is nothing in Obama's presidency which
indicates he is prepared to defy he who has bullied him
successfully thus far and if you ask Abbas who has complained of betrayal several times he will doubtless agree.


I would love to see Obama pull that off.
As regards General Dempsey, he makes me proud to be an American. Too bad we don't have more like him.

SAC Brat

I'd like to see a photo of his desk or office. I wouldn't be surprised if he had pictures of the two generals named George around for consultation. There's a lot to be said for quiet professionalism and stainless steel sparks.


"There are ways to live with a nuclear Iran" John Abizaid 2007

We are heading for a nuclear Iran whether it is two years, five years or ten years down the road and while proper to head that inevitability off with all resources, American Blood is a resource that should rightfully be withheld from that effort.

The Likud party and it's leadership understands this but how they play this game will determine not only their own political viability but their countries relationship with their protector.

The beaver


It's also been published last week that even a "Republican president is no more likely to stage a pre-emptive attack on Iran" , thus "Bibi est cuit":


John Bolton may be pushing for "bomb Iran" in the ears of Mitt Romney but once (or when) he is in that Oval Office, other stakeholders will prevail in the WH foreign policies IMHO.


Past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior.

Obama is the easy one to predict. He is a lazy, procrastinating and an indecisive decision maker. He will keep postponing the decision until he can't do it anymore and that point, he will just go along with whatever that's on the table. Meaning he will eventually take us to war.

Dempsey will eventually be sidelined and pushed out like the previous people in that position who did what he is doing now. Keep an eye out for the retirement announcements for this guy.

As for Netanyahu: He will keep pushing for war until he gets it. This guy doesn't understand the meaning of the word no and has never learned to compromise.

The bad news is that we will eventually go to war for Israel (again) and this one might cost us a few trillion dollars and a few thousand more casualties. The good news is that this might be the last war for a while.

The beaver

In the meantime a shouting match between Bibi and Amb Shapiro during a visit by a Republican Congressman:


"Time is running out" he told Shapiro.
I guess if he does not clam down he may end up like one of his predecessors


If Obama was to go public, what are the chances that the mainstream media would publish? This is where you would find out just how strong the power of Israel really is. The Murdoch press, including Fox, wouldn't dare risk publishing the tapes.


I've had a lot of fantasies about a President who wouldn't take any sh@t from any of the usual suspects.
One of them involves when an Israel firster, let's say Schumer,is in the Oval office politically threatening and/ or bribing Obama for Israel, Obama calls in his guards and has him arrested for attempting to bribe a US official.
I have a several of these fantasies but the one I like best involves congress and a patriotic swat team. Also taking congress on one of those all expenses paid luxury 'educational' tours on a cruise ship to the great whites hunting grounds off the Australian reef...and then scuttling it. Occasionally I have visions of wooden stakes and silver bullets. However they are just fantasies. I am actually following the development of something more practical as a possibility for single handily disappearing the idiots and getting away with it.
First Demonstration of a Working Invisibility Cloak | Duke Today
Oct 19, 2006 – Durham, NC - A team led by scientists at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering has demonstrated the first working "invisibility cloak
First Invisibility Cloak Tested Successfully, Scientists Say
Oct 19, 2006 – First Invisibility Cloak Tested Successfully, Scientists Say ... making something invisible can now be demonstrated by this method," said Duke University


That was my thought. Look at who pulls the strings behind all the big media names.


I doubt that they wouldn't publish it. It is am news story after all, and what FOX does, ideology aside, is to sell news. They would, however, put the most negative spin possible on it, like that in publishing BHO 'throws Israel under the bus' or some such nonsense.

But I agree, enough is enough. For quite a while Bibi's conduct is insufferable, and so are Israel's policies. And one would think that Israel's brazen and open meddling in US domestic politics would be a major turn-off for American voters.

But then, AIPAC will do their best to try to re-stage some more standing ovations in the congress, and will twist arms accordingly. When publishing Bibi's whip cracking, they should use the opportunity and, while they're at it, also publish some of AIPACs bullying on the occasion maybe for good measure add some intercepts of the coordination going on between the Israeli embassy and AIPAC when they are at it.

Getting voters to listen in to Bibi delivering his demands in his inimical sense of entitlement and patronizing know-it-all attitude would certainty contribute to generate 'Israel fatigue'. It certainly makes me want to puke all the time whenever he comes to Germany. Just like when he demands another submarine for free ... because ... Holocaust! Or when he demands that we not dare criticise him on settlements or treatment of Palestinians ... because ... Holocaust!


I must have missed the bargain basement sale of crystal balls but I doubt that Gen. Dempsey would express any opinions that were entirely his own.


That map shows the difficulty of an Israeli attack. They can choose to fly over Iraq-Jordan, Syria-Turkey, or Saudi Arabia.

My pet conspiracy theory is that the Saudis will pretend to give a greenlight to Israeli planes, let them go bomb the Evil Persians, then shoot them down on the way back - two birds, one stone. Never gonna happen of course, but that would be interesting.

Bill H

We never know if the White House means what it says, of course, but while Dempsey is saying that, the White House is saying that Iran has "a limited window of time to stop its atomic work and diplomatic terms offered by the Western world will not remain open "indefinitely." I actually think that Dempsey is, as our good colonel suggests, both a brave man and is promoting the policy of his commander in chief, and that the "White House" is playing a silly and rather dangerous game.

John Bonfill

Totally agree. He jut provides a shield for Obama, but his statements are entirely coordinated.


bargain basement sale of crystal balls? good line!


What does this mean? http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0712/79162.html It certainly could bo into an Obama ad at some point.

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