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16 August 2012


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When asked if he were Iriah because he was born there, wellington sai, "If a man is born in a stable does that make him a horse?" The Green Irish generally refer to the Anglo-Irish as "west brits." pl pl

The Twisted Genius

I have to admit that my A team, or my Bogside born and raised intel sergeant to be more accurate, did its part to keep the Anglo-Irish enmity alive while in an East Anglian pub back in 1982. This pub was frequented by a number of veterans from the Parachute Regiment. At one point my intel sergeant raised a pint and shouted out "To the queen." After a few second pause to get everyone's attention, he continued "F**k the queen." He then took a mighty swig of his beer as we fought our way to the door and made our way across the moors towards the glow of lights in the distance that was our temporary base at RAF Skulthorpe.

My trouble making "boyo from the bogs" reminded me of the character Flurry in the BBC production of "The Irish RM." He was a quick witted, mischievous and resourceful rascal who was also on the ground in Iran undercover preparing mechanisms for the hostage rescue in the ill fated Operation Eagle Claw. I'd take a dozen of these boyos over a hundred of whatever Bibi has to offer.

Medicine Man

Ha ha ha... "fought your way to the door"? I take it the paras weren't polite in objecting?


any study on the % of engineers who helped launch Mars lander, correlating ethnicity to IQ to contribution to the launch?

David Habakkuk


You mean that Scots don't reciprocate English dislike for them? Glad to hear it.

A poll in the Daily Telegraph in January reported on attitudes to an independent Scotland in Scotland and England.

Among Scots, 40% backed independence, 43% were opposed. Among English, 43% backed independence -- only 32% were opposed.

(See http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/scotland/9015374/Britain-divided-over-Scottish-independence.html )

The Scottish historian Niall Ferguson announced in February that he was definitively quitting England for the United States – explaining that ‘proper Protestants are more at home in New England than old England.’

It may an unworthy suspicion that his decision could have been related to the fact that the main economic history chair at Oxford had recently been given to Kevin O’Rourke, of Trinity College, Dublin.


The immigration was the surest way to transplant the dying mental orders of the USSR to the promised land

David Habakkuk


Not having been there, I cannot judge. But I think you may have been lucky to escape serious injury.

Three years before, the IRA had got the Queen’s ‘Uncle Dickie’, Lord Mountbatten –
also Airey Neave, who ran Mrs Thatcher’s campaign for the Tory leadership. Two years later, they came very close to getting Mrs Thatcher herself, when a bomb ripped through the hotel in Brighton where she was staying, killing five people and injuring many more.

The Parachute Regiment veterans might also remembered their own dead, like Sergeant Michael Willets, of the 3rd Battalion. From Wikipedia:

“On 24 May 1971, he was killed during a bombing incident at the Springfield Road Police Station in Belfast. A hand-carried bomb in a suitcase was left at the front of the station. Sergeant Willetts held open a door allowing members of the public and police officers to escape and then stood in the doorway, shielding those taking cover. For his actions, he was awarded the George Cross, so far the only member of the Parachute Regiment to receive this award.”

(See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parachute_Regiment_%28United_Kingdom%29 )

Most IRA arms came from the U.S. and Libya.

Babak Makkinejad

The United Kingdom is a country of the English, by the English, for the English. Among themselves, they are fully aware of who is Welsh, who is Scotch, and who is Irish.

The highest compliment that one can receive in UK is something to the effect that one is a great or good Englishman.

UK is not the United States, don't let London fool you.

Bill H

I don't care if he's Irish or Martian. More and more I like and admire this General Dempsey, and I absolutely love that picture of him.

The Twisted Genius

David Habakkuk,

I am well aware that if it were not that we were twelve Green Berets and chose to beat a hasty retreat from that pub rather than attempting to stand our ground, we could have ended up a bloody, broken mass in a ditch outside that pub. We were also lucky that the pub patrons did not pursue the matter with our Group commander who served an exchange tour with the Parachute Regiment. The insult was made. Fists flew. We were chased from the pub. The matter ended there.

I doubt most Americans understand the depth of emotions surrounding "the troubles." My intel sergeant was a youth during the Bogside Riots where his own deep emotions were formed. I also remember Boston being a hotbed of IRA support. I saw the collection jars manned by Boston police in The Black Rose down by Faneuil Hall. I can imagine the reaction among Americans if collection jars for Al Qaeda were manned by bobbies in a British pubs.


I think even terms mentor and protégé are inappropriate. We really need to step back and let Netanyahu know clearly that we are an independent nation with interests that don't necessarily parallel Israeli interests and Netanyahu really needs to spend more time trying to get along with others in his region rather than aggravating them and viewing the US as his shield.

Babak Makkinejad

The Vice President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense and now General Dempsey have stated that "...Israel is a sovereign state..." which can make her own decisions.

These repeated public assertions by US officials, in my opinion, means that the United States neither endorses an Israeli attack on Iran nor will come to Israel's rescue.

That is, Israel is on her own if she initiates hostilities against Iran.

I suppose this could be called "progress".


Stanley and Babak,
I certainly hope we have made it clear that Israel and Bibi are on their own. I don't want to see us drug into any more wars. Lord knows, we can find our own wars.

Buzz Meeks

My maternal grandfather found out he had been born in Staleybridge, England instead Sligo, Ireland when he applied for his WWI Canadian Army pension (10th CFA,1914-1918). He was crestfallen. I, as a ten year old, asked him how he could be Irish if he was born in England.

He looked at me at me and said "just because you are born in a stable doesn't mean you are a horse".

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