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28 August 2012


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Who's channelling Jane Austen!


Great insight!
Our "leaders" need to cease and desist in their misguided beliefs that our involvement in Islamic society associated problems can really solve them. We need to stand back and assist only in situations where a real desire for reconciliation/improvement is there, the Israel conundrum included, not just in our minds.


The problem for both parties, the Elite and the nation, is that any rational self examination of the country must produce results too terrible to contemplate, therefore a "generous welcoming disposition" is by definition anathema to our leaders.

Last night a Medical doctor friend labelled America "The most technically advanced Third World Country" he had seen. Prison statistics, infant mortality, costs of healthcare as a percentage of GDP, wealth distribution, etc. bear him out.

If you want to follow someone with a "generous welcoming disposition" you might like to know about and perhaps follow the adventures and life of Lorenza Andrade Smith - a female Lutheran Pastor who decided to become homeless and live on the streets for a year.

Her Facebook page is here:


On Sunday night she was sleeping under a bridge in Dayton Ohio.


Richard, what a cri de coeur. Thank you. Have you read this?


A good (sad) read is Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America" by Barbara Ehrenreich. A sad tale of trying to get by on minimum wage. A decade old but still the same story.


I like the use of the Map from Changeling: The Dreaming.

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