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06 August 2012


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Multiple reports that the Syrian prime minister has defected. Considering that he's a Sunni and was appointed last year, I'm not quite sure how much that means.

The Twisted Genius

My guess is that this is part of the rebel campaign to control the narrative both inside Syria and, more importantly, in the international media. The last thing they want is the Assad regime's spin on events interfering with their spin on events, especially with jihadist actions becoming more prevalent.


what's the scoop on the blast at Saudi Intelligence about July 27th or so. I understand Bandar ben Sultan has not been since since then. Has he gone to meet the 70 Houri (or Shaitan), convalescing, or still alive?

Al Spafford

The "Three Stooges" are trying their best .....

different clue

Or a supportive outside power with the ability to do this, in order to help the rebels attain control of the narrative?



could that be? pl


it certainly could be.



doug tunnell

In a (praise filled) column that appeared in the (close to Saudi ) Beirut Daily Star, David Ignatius reports that Bandar has recently been in touch...


Did this not make it into the WaPost ?

different clue

It could be. But I get the feeling my thoughts are flowing down a speculative channel prepared for them to flow down at least speculatively.

For a explosion to target an important government communications facility that well 3 days after the government forces had taken and secured and swept the area for planted bombs, either it came from above, or elements within the government wanted to blow the TV station, or the rebels really are that good.

I wonder what the Russians think about it. If they think it came from above, they must be very very angry as well as very concerned even if they don't say so in public. What are they thinking about doing to save their interest and position in Syria? As they see more Assad government figures resigning and defecting to the rebels, are they thinking about trying to create or inspire a "no-more-Assad" Baathi Secularist regime-in-waiting for disatisfied Assad-Baath figures to "defect to" instead of defecting to the rebels? If so, would Iran go along with that?
Better an Iran-neutral no-more-Assad Baath government than an Iran-hostile pro-Gulfie Sunni government?

David Habakkuk

doug tunnel,

Many thanks for the link. It turns out the article did make it into the WP.

(See http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/david-ignatius-is-saudi-arabia-on-the-edge/2012/08/05/6758c1e0-dd91-11e1-8e43-4a3c4375504a_story.html )

Some parts seem bizarre, even by the standards of today’s MSM in the U.S. and U.K. So for example, according to Ignatius:

“Bandar would be a useful intermediary, for example, if Saudi Arabia sought nuclear weapons or ballistic missile technology from China to defend against such threats from Iran.”

One does wonder who has been feeding him this dope (ambiguity intentional.)

Almost as bizarre is the suggestion, in relation to the report of Bandar’s assassination, that:

“the rumor was rebutted Friday by a source who said that Bandar had been in telephone contact with non-Saudis.”

Not only is no reason given why this claim should not be discounted as disinformation: even if true, it would be quite compatible with Bandar having been injured in the supposed attempt.

Indeed, ‘telephone contact with non-Saudis’ might be what precisely one would expect, if his injuries were too visible for him to appear publicly, but the Saudi authorities did not want to admit that an attempt had been made.

And they could have preferred to have Bandar heard but not seen, both if his injuries were visible but ultimately not serious, or if he had suffered the kind of horrific injuries which have commonly been inflicted by IEDs in Iraq or Afghanistan.

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