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02 August 2012


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This too:

"The Obama administration quietly has cleared the way for U.S. residents to buy weapons for the rebels who are fighting to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad, granting a Washington-based advocacy group a rare license to collect money for arms and other equipment."


McClatchy's Austin Tice makes it into Damascus in an ill-fitting burka:



I was watching some news stations and according to several Pro-Damascus ones it seems that a very big offensive is about to take place in the next few days.


Perhaps Russia or China will respond by making cluster munitions available to Assad if he doesn't already possess them.

Ain't escalation grand?


I guess this is "tawhid" as it would appear in the Q'uran? All the diacriticals almost threw me.


Focus on language. It's an "offensive" if the rebels do it. It's a "massacre" if Assad does it. Indeed, Assad is so evil he "massacres" men who are actually firing rocket-propelled grenades at his soldiers. Imagine that.



"Tawhiid" in this context should be taken as emblematic of the central belief of the Wahhabi sect. They call themselves "Muwahhidun" i.e., those who identify themselves with the belief in the essential unity of God. This is a forthright declaration of hostility toward those within Islam who think that both Christians and those judged to be insufficiently fervently monotheistc Muslims. An emphasis on Tawhiid" IMO shows and inclination to indulge in hostility to Christians and a further inclination to declare other Muslims "kuffar" if they do not share the obsessions of the "Muwahhidun." Such Muslims are often accused by the "Muwahhidun" of "shirk" or acceptance of the importance of things other than "tawhiid." Throughout Islamic history the name "Muwahhidun" has been claimed with pride by the most intolerant. It still ispl


Abu Musab al Zarqawi really got into the spirit of this thing. Before he allied with Al Qa'ida in the land of the Two Rivers his little merry band was called "al-Tawhid wa al-jihad." He had it all when it came to hatred, and he was just as happy killing Shi'a or insufficiently devout Sunnis as Iraqi Christians or Crusaders.


Colonel it seems that the Syrian army is planning on an assault on Halab, several videos show the army sending in reinforcements and armour towards the city.


This is a video from a Pro-Damascus channel showing a sizeable convoy? heading towards Halab


you can find a couple more videos on this channel showing reinforcements moving towards Halab from different cities

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