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20 August 2012


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Medicine Man

That story certainly had the whiff of manufactured "non-troversey" to me. Thank you for providing the clarification, Col.


But, he's my congressman and I don't want to think about him nude, anywhere. Even here in Kansas!


Perhaps these drunken adolescents were testing to see whether the 'Jesus Trail" could be taken OVER the water as well as around it - as Jesus is portrayed in full robe, e.g. the El Greco painting which I find the most powerful rendering.

The admittedly overblown reaction,has something to do with the holier than thou hypocrisy of that crowd - apart from the titallation,

Alba Etie

These are the same Congresscritters that played politics with the depth ceiling and nearly caused an economic calamity -and did cause a downgrade in our national ccredit rating .


This almost makes sense:


Perhaps he has heard about the Gaza Strip and got confused.


See, if you trie to do a story about junkets paid for by lobbying agents of a foriegn govt, nobody gives a shit because they don't understand(or care) what the issues invlved are. People have heard of the S of G, and naked = naughty, so they get it. Same reason no legislator has lost an election because of how they voted on bank deregulation, but let them get caught sexting an adult of the opposite sex and they are gone.

If only the people of these United States could do something about the state of their politics...

John Minnerath

That must be it! We all know how trying and confusing these junkets can be for our dedicated Solons.


Perhaps a very weak attempt at Democratic payback for the Secret Service scandal in Columbia?



Great find, thanks!

I was thinking more along the lines of some Israeli espionage/blackmail attempts--even a honey trap.



Nah, just another bunch of congressional adolescents acting up when lickered up and away frm home. The Izzies in general (not the orthodox) have next to no sexual morals and are indifferent to things like naked swimming.

I am surprised that there are so many prudes among those who read this blog, truly surprised. pl

different clue

I wonder how much that Moody's (I believe) downgrading was anything other than political on Moody's part. Moody's was certainly one of the rating agencies which rated the utter trash MBSecurities ( and possibly other debt-based securities also) as being Triple A. After that excercise in fantasy-based ratings, why would Moody's ratings opinion on anything be treated with any respectful regard at all?

Pirate Laddie

Hey -- a lack of sexual morals may be beneficial in many situations, but it certainly wouldn't mitigate a desire to have a few night vision video tapes (and maybe later a few candids from the boys bedchambers), just in case you need to keep the congresistas "true to the cause," as it were.


I will bet that every hotel room they used has bugs and video. Every prostitute (male and female) will have an Israeli intelligence handler and there are/will be recordings, images and details of any foreigner who avails themselves of these services, legally or not, who might one day be of use to the State Of Israel.

Visits such as these are open invitations to the intelligence service that are simply too good for anyone to pass up. This is how they get a lot of their stock in trade.

If you don't think the Israelis and every other competent intelligence service doesn't do this stuff as a matter of routine, then I have a bridge to sell you.

THe legal brothels in Melbourne were even openly vetted by ASIO before an international conference some years ago - too make sure that no foreign bugs were installed, it made the newspapers.

Jim Ticehurst

The TMZ website posted pictures of Prince Harry in the Nude in his VIP Vegas Suite today...with a Nude Girl..during a Big Party he had..Nudity seems to be in Vogue..

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