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10 August 2012


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Babak Makkinejad

May be they will fund all these wars-to-come by setting up kool-aid stands in neighborhoods around the United States.


Like Kennedy descendants, the Repbublican talent pool thins with each new generation. George H. W. Bush had Jim Baker. Goerge W. Bush had Condi Rice. And Romney will have Dan Senior? By 2016, Louie Gohmert will be our Secretary of State, John Hagee will run HHS, and Alan West will run Defense.

John Adamson

The government may or may not change but the regime will remain.

It won't make much difference either way. We will still have endless wars to feed the military/industrial/security complex and serve the Israeli lobby.


Not so sure that Eric "Cakewalk" Edelman would not be one to take the U.S. back to war as well. He was one of those who helped push the Iraq adventure....

The beaver

Sheldon Adelson will provide the $$$$ and in return he will demand the release of Pollard :-)

different clue

Hopefully before the election, Obama would name his prospective " if re-elected" cabinet members and challenge
Romney to do the same.

I was thinking of voting for Romney to protect my Social Security from Obama's "Nixon-goes-to-China" plots to destroy it. But if this is the sort of lineup Romney brings with him, I can't vote for that. Better to risk giving Obama his desperately-sought chance to destroy my Social Security than to give Romney his chance to destroy the whole country.


And who says Republicans do not believe in recycling?


Wasn't that Kenneth Adelman, oofda? Cronin.


As I recall, the neocon war cry was: "Real men go to Tehran." What's to worry about? We practice COIN. Maybe spice it up with a tactical nuke or two.

Nancy K

If the Democrats don't hit hard on Mitt's apparent love of war as long as it does not include him or his sons serving then they deserve to lose.I live in NC and there is a lot of military serving and retired in this state and this might be a good state to try it out in. While others were serving in Viet Nam, Mitt was in Paris, not Paris Texas, but Paris France. Oh no he probably even speaks French. Not that I think there is anything wrong with speaking French, but many Republicans seemed upset that Kerry's wife could speak French.


Col: A fiction writer couldn't come up with a better Israel-Firster quote than this:

"And therein lies the irony of Obama forcing Israel to put its citizens and soldiers at risk to do something that he should be authorizing the U.S. military to do."

See http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/08/will_israel_help_re-elect_obama.html#ixzz239Y0hNtj?tw_p=twt

Everything that is wrong with American politics and punditry is contained in that quote.


And we were told that if Ron Paul ran as the nominee, he would be rejected as 'crazy' for thinking we shouldn't be going to war all the time.

Babak Makkinejad

No politician in US, Canada, Australia, European Union has the courage to go to Tehran in the manner that the late Mr. Nixon went to China.

That is now beyond their capacity.


Or, we could always do bake-sales.

Since it's one way of funding expensive medical care, why not?


Not to worry. The man without a spine does not have a chance he has blown his opportunity. Of course who knows what will happen in the next eighty days he may grow one.

Looking at the potential list of NSA candidates if Richie Rich wins the one that concerns me most is Dan Señor as I have always thought he was speaking for a foreign country.

mac n.

I cannot find agreement in the statement. Certainly Ron Paul appears to have the courage to do so. Its impossible to know for sure. The late Mr. Cook is another. The process of normalization with Tehran will not mirror the US-China relationship and so a similar 'Nixon goes to China moment' isn't to be anticipated. In that sense, its a different world. American politics has changed enormously since the late 1960s. Maybe for this reason the much sought after 'grand bargain' has not materialized. Or, as you put it, maybe it is beyond their capacity.

If so, perhaps the road to normalization is one of small, baby steps, with no history changing photograph of an American official being met at Imam Khomeini International Airport. Irony alert...If it were up to me, I'd instead request the plane be admitted at Mehrabad. After all, every square inch of that airport was probably designed and built on American know-how. Re-start the relationship on the right foot by a nod to the some of the good of the past. Until quite recently, it was true to say much of Iran was built by the Americans and I think to the average Iranian that is recognized and appreciated.


An excellent observation, I agree with you.


Is it possible that Romney is a closet quiche eating surrender monkey?


If Romney wins, does anyone remember who Oceana is supposed to be fighting next?

Will Reks

You think Obama is more likely than Romney to gut social security? If Romney is elected he will most likely have both houses of Congress as well. The tea partiers led by Paul Ryan will try to pass their agenda and kill what's left of the New Deal.

Medicine Man

Yep. Apparently having some sense of perspective about the use of US power makes you an isolationist.

The Twisted Genius

If Romney were to become President, I would feel better if went to the National Zoo, shave all the inhabitants of the primate house, put suits on them, and declare them to be his national security team. It would be a much better choice than any combination of those NeoCon all-stars.

They really creep me out... the neocons, not the shaved and suited primates.

Babak Makkinejad

What you suggest or envision is no longer possible, perhaps a few decades from now.

Babak Makkinejad


Mr. Romney, in my opinion, based on his area of focus in Foreign policy, is not the man to be US President.

The most improtant country\ies to US are Russia (she can annihilate US), China ( she has a symbiotic economic relationship with US) and Mexico (there is a drug war).

Israel, Iran, EU, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan etc. are indulegences - in my opinion.


Republicans would prefer you use "secret" instead of "closet."

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