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07 August 2012


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A stunning victory! We drove tanks through small arms fire all the way to Baghdad.

FB Ali

"... in 2003, the United States decided to make war on Iraq..."

There is a video of a 2007 talk by Gen Wesley Clark in which he recounts how he learnt first-hand that the administration had decided to invade Iraq in 2001, shortly after 9/11 (as Richard Clarke has also asserted). Wesley Clark also says that the neocons then in control of US policy had decided to invade six other MENA countries after Iraq was sorted out.

Considering what has happened since, it appears that the neocons of the Project for the New American Century continued to control US policy even after the Bush administration.

The Wesley Clark video can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha1rEhovONU.

Jim Ticehurst

Richard.."Operation Bonehead" Indeed....and a very Interesting Read..

There a very Interesting and Enlightening Article over at the "Counterpunch" website by Jeffrey St. Clair about all the background on Stephen Cambone..which He titles"Rumsfelds Enforcer"..It is a Excerpt from St.Clairs 2005 Book..He titled.."Grand Theft Pentagon,Tales of Corruption and Profiteering in The War on Terror.."

It makes very clear,The Ruthless, Fanatical determination of the Cheney/Rumsfled NeoCons..and how they Operated ..and how Cambone got His then newly Created Position as Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence..That position gave Cambone access to virtually every Intelligence Agency in the Government during "W's" Administration..

I dont think it took the NeoCons much Effort to turn W's focus away from Afghanistan to Iraq..the real Objective..All they had to do was tell "W"..it gave him (via the Military) the opportunity to "Get the Man..(Hussein) who tryed to kill His Daddy"..

Then they had to Convince a Reluctant UN to go along with Invasion Plans...they Dummied up the Intel to Include WMD's... even Russia went along then..The Rest is History..

No..It does not affect the Cambones of the World..or any other Zealot who believes the End Justifys the Means..

I hve no doubt, there is one other Middle East State that was very happy with the complete destruction of Iraqs Government and Military..and attended those Interrogations at Abu Grab..

My Concern is I suspect that Russia may be the Super Power that steps in to the Rebuild Iraqs Military..and I would watch for such buildup of Russian Planes and tanks..etc..

There was jothing Honorable or Ethical about his Neo....
Con Job...or its among its Neo Nutty Professors..


I recall that when I showed said video to a self described conservative conversation partner at the time, he dismissed it as 'biased' and a political smear because Clark was a democrat. No kidding. Our conversation was a lot like hat.

Gorgon Stared

the victors get to write history, they say. And in Texas, that just means the State textbook board. If they can wipe Jefferson from American history, they can surely put W on Mt Rushmore.



[And Bremer is spelled with one "m."]

Alba Etie

And if you look around at the Romney camp followers -you have the same neocon true believers citing the same neocon balderdash . Would any thinking American truly vote for a Secretary of State John Bolton ? But given the state of the civil war in Syria -BHO is not much different then Romney on foreign misadventures .

Babak Makkinejad


My understanding has been that Ambassador Bremer carried out orders received from the White House.


I knew America was going to invade someplace shortly after 9/11 because the word had got out to the aerospace industry. F18 carbon fibre flaps have a relatively short lifespan. The local Boeing plant was told "increase production and build F18 flaps as fast as you can go. We will take everything you can make."


The problem is that Romney is the same globalist that Obama is, i.e. invade the world/invite the world/inhoc to the world, supported by the same monied interests. He is as far from conservative principals as Obama, just with a different sort of coating.

I've talked about on my blog about how the term 'conservative' has about zero meaning nowadays except "kinda doesn't like abortion or taxing businesses".


"who believes the End Justifys the Means.." If it doesn't, what does?
Since the Col. has quoted him recently, let me add one of my favourite quotes of his:
“Anyone who clings to the historically untrue -- and -- thoroughly immoral doctrine that violence never solves anything I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler would referee. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor; and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.”
Robert A. Heinlein.
A thing solved is a thing that has an end.

Alba Etie

"Meet the new Boss same as the old Boss"
There are some dead ender Ron Paul supporters here in Central Texas that swear their are now enough disaffected Romney delegates to upend his nomination . When you say monied interest would that include the Koch Brothers ? What is your blog address please ?


It has been pretty much determined that Bremer's instructions came directly from Cheney in a face-to-meeting before he flew off. We do not know if Bush gave his approval or nod.

Another word about Cambone. i knew him quite well in the late 1990s when I spent at year at INSS in the National Defense University. Cambone was interim Director. He was very much one of the New American Century crowd and Rumsfeld's right hand man on that missile defense study. But he, at the time, was intelligent, well educated, could engage in a reasoned discussion and a decent man. Now, he is..we know what he has become. This is a striking case of the personality deformation that has accompanied passionate devotion to dogma. There are many others who have become relatively more dogmatic, and unresponsive to either evidence or logic, over the past 12 years - where ever the exact starting point. The lasting consequences of this phenomenon are continuing to register - and that, I believe, is the most costly effect of America's political class having lost its bearings post-9/11.


Such indicators are what I would look for if I was seeking strategic intelligence.


Yes, the Koch Brothers are indeed the 'monied' interests of the Republicans, and those interests are ascendant right now in the party with the social conservatives and constitutionalists shunted off to one side.

Romney, from his obvious pandering or lack of what he says is quickly revealing himself as another northeast Republican liberal lite. He will continue in Obama's mold as interested only in gutting the Constitution, rally for more wars, and doing everything he can to stuff it in our ass in the name of his monied interests. The only difference between Obama and Romney is who gets the money from us getting stuffed in the ass: in Obama's case its the various racial lobbies who are getting the wealth.

I guess you can call me a Ron Paul 'dead ender' as well. I will not vote for Romney based off his views on immigration alone. The last thing we need is another GWB situation where we have yet ANOTHER Republican stabbing us in the back in order to appease Beltway know it alls who think that is the only way to appeal to some sort of nebulous hispanic vote.

I am @ sonoransurvivor.blogspot.com.

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