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15 August 2012


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He seems very confident in his control of the military if he leaves the country. How many coup have occurred while a leader was out of the country?

Charles I

This is where I do my Bi-annual touting of a very apt book by French journalist Geneive Abdo wherein she reports on the MB's decades old, decades long strategy in penetrating Egyptian civil society in lieu of pursuing further periodic thrashings from the Egyptian regime in the slums of Cairo:

No God but God: Egypt and the Triumph of Islam

Drawing upon hundreds of interviews, No God But God opens up previously inaccessible segments of Egyptian society to illustrate the deep penetration of "Popular Islamic" influence. Geneive Abdo provides a firsthand account of this movement, even more relevant today than ever. Both fascinating and unsettling, Abdo's findings identify a grassroots model for transforming a secular nation-state to an Islamic social order that will likely inspire other Muslim nations.


An on point must read if you're interested in learning about current Egypt IMHO.

Babak Makkinejad

There has been a Medieval understanding of the role of State in a Muslim polity; upholding of Islamic Law.

Once that duty was discharged, any form of Tyranny was acceptable to the Doctors of Religious Science of Islam.

Ayatollah Khomeini broke with that understanding and condemned Tyranny as anti-Islamic.

I do not know the position of Doctors of Al Azhar on this subject.


Not sure where to post this but I'm wondering what a 10% rise in world food prices does to countries like Egypt that subsidize basic foodstuffs.

There must be some broad implications in Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Sudan etc to the weather induced crop failures in N. America, Ukrain, Russia, etc.

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