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25 August 2012


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When I was in the Marine Corps in the late 50's, the libraries at Camp Lejeune and Quantico did not have one book by Mao, Giap, Lawrence and Guevara. When I asked a colonel at the Quantico why, he said: "What do they know about war? They're all Commies." Sic transit....

The Twisted Genius

E L,

I think the whiz kids were preaching that the "Bomb" was all we needed to know about the military art back in those days. One Marine sought to fill that void. I grew up on Samuel Griffith's 1963 translations of Mao Tse Tung on Guerilla Warfare and Sun Tzu's The Art of War. Between those works and the lessons taught by a leathery faced, steely eyed Special Forces SFC, I was getting a good start to my professional education in ROTC in the early 70s.


lesson 5. Understand, exactly, which way the wind is blowing in the power centers of the US and Israel on this issue. Don't put too much stock in the bleeps and slogans from " the ambitious, but all accommodating women careerists, the young know-nothings and obamases and the surviving sycophants of officialdom".

Somewhere, someone, among the real powers that be made a decision...Assad stays. For the moment.

My guess is the surfacing of AQ--real and imagined--spooked Washington. Spooked them politically. Here in DC.

Babak Makkinejad

That decision of the Powers-that-Be, first articulated in Dr. Kissigner's Op-Ed on Peace of Westphalia, was an acknowlegement of the limits of the power of the "Coalition of the Willing".


Out of honest curiousity, I ask the scholars of war here: What are good books about guerilla warfare?


I have a feeling that Mao goes by the wayside when one is hoping external players might do one's heavy lifting if they see the right signs...

The Twisted Genius

Well, you could reenlist and go for the Q Course to get a good basic education in guerrilla warfare. Seriously though, here's a few that I like:

Watch "The Battle of Algiers." We watched this during the first week of SFOC. My team used it in our guerrilla operations in urbanized terrain course that we taught other teams in 10th Group.

Samuel Griffith's 1963 translations of Mao Tse Tung on Guerilla Warfare

"Total Resistance - Swiss Army Guide to Guerrilla Warfare and Underground Operations" by Major H. von Dach Bern

Human Factors Considerations of Undergrounds in Insurgencies
DA Pamphlet No. 550-104, September 1966

I'm sure Colonel Lang has a more complete and scholarly list, but this is a good start.

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